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I am a male, married and we are trying to have a baby since nearly a year but unable to conceive. I have erection issues but have taken a Cialis tablet 3-4 times prescribed by an Urologist which helped me get proper erection but I still could not properly penetrate to be considered as normal inter course, even sperms are not ejaculated during this time. I get morning erections and night fall and more used to a bed surface (conditioning), masturbation also does not lead to arousal / ejaculation. How do I ensure proper penetration and arousal for ejaculation of sperms during sex? What options do we have to conceive quickly? Please help.


Hi Itsme,

You need to find out what is causing our erection and ejaculation problems.

You have night fall, nocturnal emissions, so your body is producing sperm/semen and you can ejaculate.  There may be a psychological issue preventing you from ejaculating.

Not all guys can ejaculate using the same technique when masturbating.  Try different methods, whatever you want.  In my opinion this is a large part of your problem.

Failing that, return to your urologist and tell them everything.  You may also need to seek psychiatric counseling.  Anxiety of any kind can kill an erection and prevent ejaculation.  

Good luck.