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Hey! Sooo this is my first experience with plan b. Can someone shed some light to the situation. So I took plan b 12 hours after the accident.. Which was April 9. I usually get my cycle 24 , 26, 28 or 30 .. For the month of April I got nothing !! I freaked out! I took about 15 pregnancy test. All negative! But I still was stressed. So I hope sex may 11 with condom! I checked it afterwards with water to make sure no holes. It was all good. May 13 I'm walking I feel something come down.. My period well at least I thought it was a little heavy for one day then next day lighten up by 3rd day it was basically gone just about. I took another tests after and those were negative .. Its may 27 and I feel like my period is coming , I have my break outs oily skin tender breast. Should I be worried ? IMO


Hi guest,

Plan B can make your next SEVERAL periods early or late AND heavier or lighter than usual.

You might even miss it.

It is unlikely you are pregnant.  You took it in time.

These are very common side effects.

Hope it helps.