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I go my period March 26th. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (but he pulled out) a day after my period ended on April 1st. The next day I took plan B. I got heavy bleeding on April 6th that lasted until about April 8th. It's now May 5th and i haven't gotten my period yet but does the heavy bleeding I had after taking plan b mean that i'm not pregnant? I took a pregnancy exactly 14 days after intercourse and it came out negative. What is the likeliness that I'm pregnant? I'm just worried


Hi Health,

It's unlikely you are pregnant.  First, the timing of when you had sex, just after your period is probably a bit early for you to conceive.  Secondly, Plan B is very effective taken within 72 hours.

Plan B can make your period early or late, heavy or lighter than normal.  You are experiencing common side effects.  It can take a few cycles for your period to return to normal.

You can always test.

Hope it helps.