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I have been on effexor xr for 9 years, started at 150mg and am currently on 225mg. I have been trying to taper off this medicine for 2 weeks now and I feel terrible. I have a terrible, terrible constant headache, pressure behind my left eye, waves of nausea, extremely tired and aches and pain all over my body, especially my joints. I feel like I'm loosing my mind. Your postings have definitely helped and I'm so glad to find out that maybe I'm not going crazy. I too, don't feel like doing anything at times and don't even have the energy to run, which is one of my favorite things to do. I want to get off effexor because I feel numb. Sometimes I feel like a emotionless robot. I just want to be myself again without any chemicals in my body. Good luck to all of you, we can do this.


My husband has been on Effexor 150 mg for over a year. He decided he didn't need the medication anymore and is going through severe withdrawal effects. (We have titrated him down to 75 mg for 5 days and then 37.5 mg for 3 days)

He has been experiencing:
1. Rapid heartbeat
2. Dizziness
3. Massive headaches
4. Severe anxiety
And these are just to name a few. Has anybody else had these symptoms? I noticed that some people get the headaches and dizziness, but I have not read much about the fast heartbeat or the increased anxiety levels.
Is there anyway to cope with this? What can we do? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated and taken.
Thank you.


First of all I feel like I am going crazy trying to get off this. I am so irate that this drug is out on the market.

I weened myself down without a problem from 75mg, then to half of that, and half of that. I did not start having issues until I stopped completely. The brain "zaps" I can deal's that insanity I feel that I can't handle. I am getting sooo angry at the littlest things, such as the thought of my room being messy, that I want to hit something or scream as loud as I can!! AND I AM A VERY EASY GOING PERSON!!!! I really thought I was going crazy, but it was good to read that other people have experienced this and it will go away.

I also am extremely tired, constantly am looking for pleasure...aka sex/eating,

I tried to get off 2 yrs ago..but couldn't handle this. I will never be on any other pill because of this experience.

The doctor said to take a pill every other day if the withdrawals are bad...WHAT!!!!!!!!!

When I was on 75mg if I did not take my pill by noon I was feeling TERRIBLE....taking a pill every other day is only teasing your body!!!! I read someone said to take benadryl, so I will try that in hopes it will calm me down.

I really could use some reassurance that I will get over this


hi guys, Im Ben and Im 4 days off of Effexor 150 mg. Have been on it for 5 years. It was a blessing becuase I almost dropped out of college because of panic attacks. It was awful, effexor helped through a rough period of my life. Bt Im ready to move on now and Im off it. Today I took Prozac for the first time because I felt so light-headed and I feel 100% better. I dont really understand why somw of you are going cold turkey. I mean would a heroin addict go cold turkey if he had access to methadone? Then why wont you ppl try prozac for a month or two and then go off. I would rather get off of prozac after being on it for a month or two than after 5 years on effexor. Is there a reason why you ppl dont try to prozac. It took about an hour before I felt no symtoms of withdrawal after taking a 20 mg pill and that was about 12 hours ago. My friend got off the same way and said it wasnt easy but the prozac made it very manageable. So...why wont you guys ask your doctor about the prozac? I thought thats how everyone got off effexor. I feel great. I would give it a try people. The fish oil and benadryl is doing nothing...its called placebo want it to help so bad that you tricked your brain into thinking it actually is.


I am so glad I found this forum. I have been taking effexor for 11 months. I had to stop cold turkey due to no more insurance. Its too expensive for me to pay for.
I am on day 3 of withdrawal. First of all I was not warned at all about the severe side effects of withdrawal. Its like I was taking narcotics. The effexor worked the best out of all the meds for my mood swings and anxiety attacks with depression.
I am now feeling sick like I am coming down with something. My head is really hurting my ears are full. I feel like a dump truck has run over my ribs. Never had these symptoms before. I hope to GOd I dont experience the brain freezes, nausea or vomitting I cant handle vomitting. I also hope my mind doesnt start playing the anxiety attack game with me. And the deep depression stays away.
I think that the manufacturer or my psy dr should be held accountable for these withdrawals for not warning us of this addictive drug.
I will continue to read and keep yall updated with my progress.
Thank you for posting these its help me know I am not going crazy yet.


Hey, I'm on 300mg effexxor, 150 wellbutrin, and just back to school after a two year hiatus (depression forced me to take a break from school). I am failing... which I consider normal given the last two years, but if I consider my regular academic record, my university average before depression was around a-. I honestly have incredible trouble studying and even finishing assignments... I just can't find the motivation, or for that matter even worry about the outcome. My place is a disaster, I have unpaid bills, I suddenly quit my job and ruined references because I found it boring. I just feel lazy. I have googled a bit, and saw that effexor and apathy have been linked together, but nothing ever medically proven. In some ways, I just feel this is the way I am, and to stop blaming the meds. It has been so long I don't even know what "normal' me is.

I'm just wondering if you found the effexor affected it your schooling... ? I don't know what to think, the drug pulled me out of the stupor, but I almost think it is to much for me to live and accomplish under.


I'm taking the fish oils and doing the GNC complete detox to aid my withdrawal - thank you to those who suggested these. So far, the worst symptom is the emotional rollercoaster. Any insight as to how long this part lasts? I can tolerate the physical symptoms any day. But the irritability and crazy mood swings are off the charts and about to send me back to the Effexor.


I am speechless. It's amazing how much I've learned from reading online from these forums. First off I'm a 30 year old male, that has been on this drug for just over SIX years. I went on it at a very hard time in my life (coming out of the closet) and it helped tremendously. Flash forward, I have a great career , boyfriend and friends. However, I've gained a good 40 pounds. I thought it was just "age" and no matter how much I worked out nothing would help. I don't eat that much---I also grind my teeth like CRAZY. Both things I thought were just cards "life dealt me" now I know they are most likely results of EFFEXOR....

The reason I found this place is recently I went off the drug by accident (was travelling and ran out and couldn't get a refill) and had 3 HORRIBLE days of EXTREME dizziness. I described it as like that feeling on a rollercoaster and your stomach drops but behind your eyes. My friends and family were perplexed, I'm back on it b/c I don't want to do it cold turkey, but now that I've read everything here I'm DESPERATE to get off of it.


do you lose the weight you gained when you go off?
Do you get your energy back? (I thought I had some MONO like condition I have so little energy)
Do you ever return to normal? Do the brain shivers eventually go away?

There's a lot of fearful posts here and scary stories, but not much in the way of "i've been through it and I'm TOTALLY fine now"

I'm really scared to go off of it but with a doctor's help am going to try after new years when I have some time off from work.

Anyone have good stories to tell from the other side?
Do you lose the weight you've gained?


Just wanted to let you know I have been through it and I am fine now. I was on Effexor 5 years. The dr put me on it when I started through menopause. I was on 150 mg for 3 years and then went to 75 mg for 2 years. I quit cold turkey last May. I didn't want to string out the withdrawal. But that doesn't work for everyone. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I took it one day at a time. The first 11 days were the worst. I was so sick and dizzy but I made it. I felt and looked like I had been to hell and back. I have lost 47 of the 55 pounds I gained and couldn't get off before. I have energy and I enjoy life again.


This is what I was looking for - a clear concise, non-novel You can do it too and it will pass type post!!

Thank you Thank You Thank You!!

Was on 150mg for a lil over a year and weaned off down to 75mg after one week then 37.5 for a week and now 37.5 every other day soon to be NONE of this godforsaken drug

Things that are helping me:

I have been taking omega 3 caps which seems to somewhat help with dizzyness.

A good multi vitamin. I am using solgar VM 75

Drinking Lots of water!!! At Least a gallon a day


Hi, glad to have found this forum. I am on the lowest dose 37.5 mg. I am trying to take a pill every 2nd day which I don't find terrible. I feel bit like I am tipsy from alcohol and my hands and fingers are extremely tingly. That's about all though. I am worried it will get worse as I extend the days off in between. My dr suggested I wean this way but I am not sure it is the best way. Giving my body the full 37.5 mg every 2-3 days does not really make sense. I have been on this about 2 and a half years and really want to get off!

My highest dose was 75mg i think. I had no withdrawals going from 75 to 37.5.



I am in day 17 without now, and it is getting better.

The earlier stages nearly broke me though, I must say.

I only got through that because of Lorazepam, but that didn't

give me peace of mind because it can be very addictive.

I also had the benefit of 2 weeks holiday time. Please don't

try quitting unless you have the freedom to escape for a while.

Take care. Good luck!



I am on my second day off effexor. I am feel like I am dying. Vertigo nausea and every other symptom that makes me feel like a drug addict. I swear I told my doctor a couple months ago I have to get off this and she said no all antidepressents are the same and that I would experience the same effects with all the others. I am telling you now that I went on this poison for awful anxiety and I would take the fear of a plane falling out of the sky on me than these side effects any day. I feel like I am in hell. And after reading every thing on this poison I am so mad b/c my doctor told me of all the side effects and stuff like that but nothing of the withdrawals. I feel like I need to be in rehad to get off this stuff. I am just glad that I am not the only one that is feeling like this. I could never explain that dizzy head feeling to anyone but I know that you guys know and have felt it. I swear what if an natural disaster comes and I run out of meds how will I function with the disaster and these effects. I think we need to warn as many people as possible to stay away from effexor!!! The withdrawals far outway the benifts!!!!


I just started Effexor XR back in early December. I approached my family doctor about seasonal depression, which I've experienced for the last several years. Last year was really bad, so when I felt the symptoms creep up on me again this year I resolved to do something about it.

My doc put me on the 37.5 dose, and I noticed an improvement in about 3 days. I also noticed that it killed my appetite and gave me the jitters. After a few weeks I noticed my sex drive was suppressed and I was sleeping way more. I yawned all day long. I decided that I'd traded one set of symptoms for another and thata it wasn't really worth it.

I missed Monday's dose by accident, took Tuesday's, and have been off Wednesday, Thursday, and today. Even with the low dose for only three or so weeks, I've still had the flu symptoms and fatigue. Today I did a search and found these forums. Thank God I A) decided to quite, and B) decided to do some research on withdrawl. Good luck to all of you who have been on it longer and at higher doses.



I have been on an antidepressant for 2.5+ years. I want off! I am currently on week 3 of detoxing. I have been taking a natural fruit juice that contains acai berry called Mona Vie. It's expensive, but has kept me sane!