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2 months after I started taking Seasonale I began experiencing constipation..I started doing all the special diets and everything that my gastroenterologist told me to do..and nothing seemed to relieve the severe constipation it just kept getting worse..I had never been constipation before this..None of the specialist that I have been to have been able to say what caused this. (Nothing in my diet, exercise, or anything changed during this time)

I was diagnosed with colonic inertia after about a year and a half of suffering with this constipation..Now I have to have a total cholectomy because I just don't go at all no matter what I take.

Could there be a possiblility that this is a rare (unlisted) side effect of seasonale? I am really wanting to know what has caused by colon to stop working.


i was taking seasonale without a problem it seemed. my second pack, i took the generic form of seasonale, jolessa and i really think i've been constipated! i am horrible at taking the pills daily. so there are times when i've skipped almost 3 pills! just when i remember that i have to take my pills double dose or something, i have to run to the bathroom! i don't go when i'm on schedule with the pills, but those times when i've forgotten, i notice that i'll use the bathroom =((((