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Clear mucus stool

Answered by a doctor

What does it mean when thick clear liquid coming out of anus when having a bowel movement? My fiance is having a thick clear substance come out instead of his normal stool when he has a bowel movement. Any information on what sis causing this to occur it would help a great deal.

by User avatar NRV

I had CAT scan a week ago and now wearing pad because of a loose bowel and having back pain

I suffer from bowel problems. Tried all kinds of laxitives and from dr as well. I had cat scan week ago.  I wear a pad because since having scan         I have loose bowel  and need a pad. I havent had bowels open normaly sice  a week ago .I...

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sudden headache when having bowel movement

Answered by a doctor

have a sudden headache when having bowel movement and the bowel movement is soft.

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what are the cost involved to have a colonoscopy check up by a private doctor?

what are the cost involved to have a colonoscopy check up by a private doctor...? l am on centrelink/newstart and have no insurance coverage and any savings ...which is why i am asking.

by User avatar merrilly

My colon stopped working (paralytic ileus)

                  A few months ago I was turning in bed and felt a searing pain in my LUQ.  The pain felt sharp like a knife stabbing into my LUQ, I’ve never had any type of pain like this before.  It caused me to jump out of bed and my entire body was sweating.  I walked...

by User avatar alveolar21150408

Strange sensation in anus

Answered by a doctor

Hi please help I have a strange buzzing sensation in my anus. It has only been for a day it comes and goes at about 10 second intervals. I notice it most often when sitting or lying still. It is not painful just strange, as if I've got an electric charge bit very faint. What on earth could it be as...

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I feel lumps in my stomach!

Answered by a doctor

My uncle is 60 years old and few years ago he was infected with Helicobacter Pylori. During last month he complains with non-specific pain and abdominal discomfort or indigestion. Few times he vomited. The doctor found lumps in his stomach. Now I am so worry if that is not cancer, because I think...

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uncontrolled discharge from anus after bowel movement

Answered by a doctor

I am a 40 year old male. Two years ago I found myself with pain around my anus. I checked this in a mirror and saw that the area around my anus was bright red. This showed up just after taking antibiotics and lasted about two days. I have never had anal sex or done anything adventuresome with my...

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bowel movements that make me almost pass out because of pain

Answered by a doctor

for years now, I have been dealing with this. When I over eat, I get a pain in my intestines that is so severe that I almost pass out on the toilet. I get very hot and sweat so much that I have to take off my clothes and dump water on my head to cool down. The severe pain doesnt go away until I...

by User avatar stan lee

What to expect post ileostomy reversal?

for how long should the symptoms of bowel frequency last?

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