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Heres's a weird situation i been having. For months now i've been having this problem. I get this buring underneath my ribcage in the middle of my stomach. It doesn't really matter what i eat as everything seems to affect it. I also get a lump feeling in my throat after i eat which is really annoying. It feels like something is stuck in my throat. I tried Gaviscon to help but it doesn't do anything.  

The weirdest thing is that when i go to the bathroom i produce very little stool. And my stool is very loose. it breaks apart instanly when it hits the water. How is is possible to have loose stool and be constipated at the same time? Its like i have diarhea with constipation.

I also tried acid reducing pills for a short time but that didn't help either. I'm wondering do i have a tumor, parasites or something else?

Thanks for reading and hope someone can shed some light.


The lump in your throat sounds like globus hystericus, not dangerous, just annoying. Some professionals think it is caused by stress reactions - but then, if they don't know what something is, they usually include "stress" as a possible cause for anything! The burning Is probably just heartburn - which can be difficult. You may need to see a gastroenterologist if it continues. You could try over-the-counter heart burn medicines.