I'll admit it. I only watched the first 20 minutes of the movie last night. It just wasn't any good. I think the problem that I'm running into is that in animated movies where the characters are animals, they should act as much like animals as possible. Like Finding Nemo. But with Shark Tale, this exact story could have been done live action with the actual actors and there would have been almost no difference, and this includes behavior. Oscar (Will Smith) dreamed about having a widescreen tv, a playstation, and every behavior was human but performed by a fish. It kind of takes you out of what happens. But I'm sure a 7 year old would love it.

My other problem is not limited to this movie, but when the entire plotline can be resolved by a character not doing something incredibly stupid which he knows is stupid, it just bugs me. Like Oscar was given a precious gift from his friend/girlfriend voiced by Renee Zellweger. It was worth 5000 clams (get it?) and Oscar went to give the money to his boss because Oscar owes the money. But his boss was at the racetrack and instead of giving the money to his boss, he gambles it. And his boss is now only a short distance away.


That kind of thing just irritates me a little bit more these days.