I have pain and tenderness in my lower left abdomen that radiates through same area in my back. Can't draw up my legs, sleep on my side, sit, stand or walk. I exercise, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Had two different contrast CT's, colonoscopy and endoscope, blood, urine and fecal tests. Every test came back normal. I have plenty of diagnosed problems in my stomach, but the lower is what concerns me the most. I have had days like yesterday I thought something was about to burst or had burst. I know it's not psychological because when I have a mass as big as a grapefruit swollen in that area and can't stand to wear pants causing agony it is so tender. I went to gynecologist first but the left ovary was removed with hysterectomy so she referred me to gastroenterologist. Underwent all the tests and Dr. said all came back fine. He wanted me to go to ER so they would do some more imaging. I have decided not to go to ER but set up an appointment with a pain management specialist just so I can cope with this for the rest of my life. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />