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Hi Im 11 and i used to be skinny but somehow now Im 10stone and i need help losing weight fast. I play for the school football team but only in goal...     I just.... wanna be normal, like the other kids


It will probably be from your inherticance, so best thing to do is wax or bleach the hair


;-) heyy hun, I'm 14 and i went throught what you did so heres what you need to do and im not going to give u a speach because its all BS about ur health xx

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First of all, drink 10 glasses of iced cold water a day. That burns 300 calories

Don't touch carbs, even for breakfast. Eat only fruit before noon.

For lunch, have a salad, and if you must have flavour put some lemon juice mixed with water on it

remember to drink plenty of iced water.

And for dinner don't eat too much, because you're about to go to bed so what's the point of eating dinner? But you should have something so you won't feel sick during the night.



5-6: work out and exercise whenever you can. Exercise hard.

If you don't have time, make time.

I never drink anything fizzy, I only drink juice when I have to and I water it down. [ I fill about half the glass with juice and half with water. ]

I go on walks early every morning before school, and then I go to school early and work out in the fitness centre until school starts.

I watch my eating. I make healthily wraps for school with delish lettuce, a bit of cheese, some mayo, and anything else I feel like, e.g tomato. I eat yogurts rather than ice-cream. And every morning at breakfast I have a banana with my meal. [Usually a weetbix or two, sometimes porridge. ]

hope that this helpps xx its from my own diary