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To whom ever can help,

My fiancee (36) had a partial nephrectomy (2.8cm stage 1 grade 4 cancerous tumor) removed from her right kidney in Nov 2011 and is still experiencing these symptoms:  Shooting pain through right side of body (were it was performed), causes extreme achyness, right eye twitches and vision in right eye has went from 2.50 to 3.00, right ear gets muffled or ringing, "feels like right side has been used as punching bag", right ring finger and pinkie goes numb most of the day, causes severe pain in neck and right jaw and throughout right side of her head, neck skin is sore to touch.  These are the symptoms. 

She's had CT scans, MRI, blood drawn, been to Pain specialists (2), been to ER 15-20 times, doctor's visits over 25 times, and 2 neurologists who both have included the nerves are firing.  Injections to illeogastric nerve. She performed 2 painful sessions of physical therapy.   We are stuck.

Her current medications or former medications are Hydrocodone (vicodin), Baclofen, Lyrica (trying it now), vallium, ibuprofen, lorazapam, Zanaflex, Tegratol, Cimbalta, Praxil, Neurotin, Percocet (No tylenol), Lydocain patches and injections.

We are stuck and don't know if anyone has any suggestions, solutions or other avenues to pursue.  We are on here because all these procedures, medications, doctor visits having produced no relief.  We are both desperate and with her out of work (Denied health disability benefits from Mutual of Omaha, after several appeals, with over 150 pages of Dr's notes and charts) times of financial stability have come and gone.  We are praying to find the life we once had, but no longer can vision.  If anyone can help....please reply or email back.

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Mike O



Just read your post. While I don't have a solution, i have a suggestion of a better place for you to post. Go to the American Cancer Society's website. If you hunt around, you will find there are discussion boards for almost any type of cancer. I take it your fiance had a primary tumor of the kidney (hence the partial neph), so look for the kidney cancer discussion link. There are many people there with kidney cancer (or who are carers of kidney cancer patients) who are quite knowledgeable and who help with suggestions as best they can. It might be worth it to post there exactly what you explain here. If I recall correctly, there is a number you can call at the Kidney Cancer Association and you might be able to pose questions to a nurse -- you can double check by just looking up that association online. Hope this helps.