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I have been on birth control (the new one - Lo Loestrin Fe) for about 9 or 10 weeks now. I had sex for the first time on Feb 25th. We had sex twice and used a condom both times. The first time, he went inside me without a condom and was there for only about 10 seconds until we decided to put one on. He did not cum inside me, even when the condom was on he pulled out beforehand.

I had not missed any pills before having sex. The night AFTERWARDS, I accidentally missed a pill. I took two the next day and have been on schedule since then. The pill I missed was in the second week of the pack. I started spotting and bled for about a week after missing that pill, but it wasn't heavy. Now that my period is supposed to come, it still hasn't. I am now on the 6th day of a new pack. I feel like I have been having PMS symptoms (some cramping, moodiness, etc) but still I haven't bled. I'm pretty much freaking out. Is there any way I could be pregnant?


im on the same pill and i have had the same issues. iv'e been taking it for almost a year now and am not pregnant but i didnt have any bleeding or spotting for 6 months during those 6 months i did have sex but no bleeding. then recently i had sex and started bleeding.. i think its normal with lo loestrin fe but you should still see a doctor just to be sure