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I was prescribed Zocor for high cholesterol I have for years. Before Zocor I was on Tricor and it didn’t help to lower my cholesterol at all, so my cardiologist switched me to statin because I was under a very realistic risk of having a heart attack. My cholesterol numbers did went a bit down, but it seems like they haven't gone down enough since at my latest checkup my cardiologist added Zetia to my treatment with Zocor and Lisinopril I have to take for hypertension.

What worries me though is will Zetia make Zocor side effects worse and is this a good choice when there are other statin medications out there?



as far as Zocor effectiveness is concerned, I was on it for half a year and had to stop taking it due to muscle and joint paints. My doctor switched me then to Lipitor for which he said is more effective and with less side effects than Zocor. At least I had to take only 20 mg, compared to 60 of Zocor.

As far as Zetia is concerned, it's not a statin medication so it really shouldn't make the side effects you're having any worse, but Lipitor or other statin definitely might be worth discussing with your doctor.