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I’ve been on simvastatin 60 mg for six months now and so far it seems that it only managed to bring my cholesterol number by only 3 points. My cardiologist started me on this after a minor heart attack, so I can’t just quit taking it, but given that I’ve changed my diet dramatically and I’m trying to be more physically active I feel like I should be getting at least somewhat better results.

Besides, simvastatin seems to be giving me very frequent headaches, so I did a bit of research and it seems like Lipitor is way more effective than simvastatin. If anyone has experience with these meds, would you recommend switching to Lipitor?



I was on several statin medications after my heart attack, first of them being simvastatin. I had very bad side effects from this medications, including muscle and joint pains. My cholesterol numbers remained high even after three months on simvastatin, so my cardiologist told me that I'm already after the point where diet alone would help and he started me on Lipitor.

Lipitor is stronger than simvastatin, so you need to take much lower dose and so far I didn't have any major side effects.