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Mobile charge capture apps allow physicians to quickly and efficiently capture information on their services and send it out to payers and insurance companies for reimbursement. They also ensure patient confidentiality and greater billing accuracy.

Charge capture can be defined as a process that physicians and other healthcare providers use to record information on their services, which they then send out to different payers and insurance companies to get paid (reimbursed) for those services.
There are numerous ways to capture charges, but some methods are certainly more effective than others.
Providers can use pen and paper methods, such as index cards and hospital print-outs, or post-it notes, but electronic charge capture solutions, particularly mobile apps ensure faster reporting and greater billing accuracy.
Doctors can record their charges using mobile apps on their phones, allowing them to enter charges on the go. This is more convenient than handling all those paper charges.
Using mobile charge capture apps is also more secure method because all of the data is encrypted, meaning that doctors won't put confidential patient information at risk.
Here, we listed some of the most popular mobile apps for charge capture.

maxRVU Charge Capture App

maxRVU is a charge capture and rounding solution for physicians, advanced care providers, hospitals, residents and medical billing companies, which is available as both mobile and web service.
It allows providers to capture patient charges at the point of care and submit those charges immediately to billing services through the secure HIPAA-compliant platform.
maxRVU can be integrated with hospital's EHR systems, it provides CPT database and ICD-10 codes, and can be used for secure messaging, which is also HIPAA-compliant.
The app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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MediMobile Charge Capture App

MediMobile app creators describe their product as a point-of-care charge capture solution that a suite of designed products to enhance medical provider revenue streams.
With MediMobile app, providers can bill patients at point-of-care, view up-to-date CPT and ICD-9 code lists, set up rounding and appointments in advance or on the fly, collaborate and communicate with other providers within their practice and referring/primary care providers, and more.
MediMobile app can be integrated with hospital systems, patient management, and billing solutions in real-time.
The app is available for free on iOS and Android.

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Ingenious Med App

Ingenious charge capture solution is also available as a mobile app and web edition.
It helps physicians by easily automating their activities while increasing compliance and revenue through charge and data capture,  coding and documentation, communication, integration, and quality reporting. 
Ingenious Med app has the same functionality and tools as the web tool while offering a point-of-care solution.
The app can be used online and offline, allowing physicians to use it regardless of their location or Internet connection.
Ingenious Med app is available for free download for Android and iOS devices.

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iRVU: Hospital App

Clinical productivity is often measured in terms of work relative value units (RVUs). Over 70% of physicians are getting paid on the basis of work RVUs, and this is why tracking own productivity is essential to know what the productivity pay will be.
However, tracking the productivity and determining the appropriate level of service based on the medical care documented is complex.
iRVU app is a tool for monitoring the value of work performed. It is designed to help physicians and other providers track work RVUs for inpatient medical services and follow up visits at the point of care.
Providers just need to type in the number of new patient encounter for each coding level, and the iRVU app will automatically calculate total RVUs and RVUs per encounter.
iRVU app is available for free, however, only on iOS platform.

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pMD Charge Capture & Messaging App

pMD Charge Capture app is a platform for patient care and mobile billing with a goal to increase efficiency through charge capture, secure messaging, care coordination, and HIE services.
Although it's free to download, pMD Charge Capture app requires a subscription in order to be used. 
The app offers two types of accounts. First, Charge Capture + Secure Messaging account that allows providers to capture charges in the hospital setting from their mobile device and submit those charges for billing, share patient handoff notes and access hospital and patient information, and send and receive encrypted, HIPAA-compliant messages.
Another account, Secure Messaging account allows users only to communicate with the members of their team and send and receive sensitive information and photos in HIPAA-compliant manner.
pMD Charge Capture app is available for iOS and Android.

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Dr. Rounds App

Dr. Rounds is a cloud-based charge capture solution for physicians, billing staff, and other members of the healthcare team, allowing them to capture daily work, record all charges and send it to the billing staff instantly. 
The app is connected to Dr. Rounds Cloud service, enabling automatic syncing among the entire team. All team members who use the app get updates, charges, additions, notes, pictures, and Face Sheets instantly.
Dr. Rounds app offers multiple accounts for billing and staff members, which are connected for collaboration.
The app is HIPAA-compliant and available for free on iOS and Android.

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ShareRounds App

ShareRounds app utilizes a simple and efficient hospital charge capture system that records patient visits, speeds up patient information hand-off between physicians, and provides real-time billing to improve cash flow. 
It enables physicians to enter and manage patient visit information on the go, thus reducing the amount of time they spend at the hospital.
ShareRounds is available for free download, however, only for physicians and their support staff, once they verify their medical practice. Also, the app is available only for iOS.

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MD Coder 10 - Charge Capture App

MD Coder 10 app offers similar features like the rest of the apps in this list, i.e. it streamlines the entire charge capture and billing process to help physicians manage shared patient lists, code their procedures accurately, and submit their charges to the billing staff.
The app also contains the up-to-date CPT, RVU, ICD-9 libraries, as well as the full ICD-10 library to assist with the transition. It supports basically any medical specialty, including anesthesia, cardiology, ENT, general surgery, pediatrics, and more.
MD Coder 10 app is available as a free download for Android and iOS, however, it is a subscription-based service.

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