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'There's an app for that' phrase can apply to eye care too. There are many mobile apps made to aid ophthalmologists and optometrists in diagnosis and evaluation of patients.

These apps cover a range of topics, from ophthalmic emergencies to instructions and resources on how to perform different eye tests and procedures. Many of these apps also provide reference and educational materials to aid eye care specialists in delivering better patient care.
Here, we list some of the most useful apps for ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Eye Handbook App

Eye Handbook is a diagnostic and treatment reference app for eye care professionals. It is probably the most comprehensive app packed with information and resources, geared primarily towards ophthalmologists.
Some of the features included are calculators, ICD 9 and ICD 10 coding, eye atlas, DDx, eponyms, journals, and much more.
Eye Handbook app is available on Android and iOS devices for free, but it also includes in-app purchases.

Our score: 95%
Links: Android, iOS

EyeTube App

EyeTube app is the world's largest online surgical video archive dedicated to ophthalmologists with more than 3,000 fully narrated ophthalmology videos. 
These videos cover a wide range of multimedia content designed for seven ophthalmic sub specialties, including the extensive collection of cutting-edge videos in ophthalmology practice management, as well as symposia, conventions, product descriptions, and interactive discussion boards. 
There are also dedicated sections for specialists in cataract and refractive surgery, retina, cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics and laser vision correction. 
The EyeTube app is available for free but only on iOS.

Our score: N/A
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Ophthalmology Pocket App

Previously known as Ophthalmology i-pocketcards, Ophthalmology Pocket app by Börm Bruckmeier is a quick reference guide featuring a collection of information related to the most relevant medical conditions encountered in the field of ophthalmology.
The app covers an extensive range of ophthalmology topics, including eye anatomy, algorithm management and therapy recommendations for common eye conditions, such as refraction errors, retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more. 
The app also includes images to test for color blindness and a visual acuity test chart.
Ophthalmology Pocket is a paid app, which costs $4.99 on Android and $5.99 on iOS.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

EyeDock App

EyeDock app allows eye care professionals to quickly look up for contact lenses by name, company, or other parameters, which are available for each lens.
Eye care specialists can also use the app to search for topical ophthalmic medications as well as calculators related to contact lens fitting.
The app contains 12,000 ICD-9 diagnosis codes by name, keywords, or numeric code, and allows patients and students to use some of its educational tools.
EyeDock app is available only on iOS. While it's free to download and use, it requires EyeDock membership.

Our score: N/A
Links: iOS

Smart Optometry App

Smart Optometry app provides eye care specialists with different eye exams for near vision testing. The app contains 16 interactive eye exams available in 9 languages, including color vision, visual acuity, Schober, Hirschberg, and more.
While all of these tests are free on Android, only three are available for free on iOS, while the rest of the tests require in-app purchases.
Smart Optometry is designed and intended for eye care specialists. However, patients can also use it to test their vision, monitor their eye health and use tests for the eye therapy.

Our score: N/A
Links: Android, iOS

Atlas of Ophthalmology App by Onjoph

Atlas of Ophthalmology app features a database of clinical images of almost every eye disease known. The app's  database contains more than 6000 ophthalmic diagnoses and images, ranging from common diseases like glaucoma, or macular degeneration, to rare ophthalmic diseases. This image database is continuously updated with newly submitted images.
All images in Atlas of Ophthalmology app are available in two different resolutions and coupled with a diagnosis. The app also includes ICD-10 codes for common ophthalmic diagnoses.
The app is available for free in 8 languages, however, not on the Android devices.

Our score: N/A
Links: iOS

The Eyes Have It App

The Eyes Have It (TEHI) app is developed by respected University of Michigan ophthalmologist Jonathan D. Trobe. The app is intended for medical and optometric students as a learning tool, as well as physicians, optometrists, ophthalmic technicians, and other health care providers to aid them in diagnosis and management of eye problems.
The app is a perfect pocket resource with 134 eye conditions, explained with 410 images, more than 40 narrated animations and videos, 6 screening examination videos and an eye anatomy review section.
There is also a quiz of multiple-choice questions, allowing students and residents to test themselves on their knowledge of eye conditions and their management.
The app is available only on iOS at the price of $4.99.

Our score: N/A
Links: iOS

Eye Emergency Manual App

Eye Emergency Manual app is a great reference tool for ophthalmologists who deal with ophthalmic emergencies. Although the app is designed to help medical practitioners in New South Wales, it can actually be useful worldwide.
The manual provided in the app is sectioned into basic ophthalmic diagnostic techniques and treatments, and management of common eye conditions, supported by high graphic content. 
The conditions are organized in subsections, which include Immediate action, History, Examination, Treatment, and Follow-up. 
Each sub-section has red flag points to indicate urgency or to increase triage weighting based on Australasian Triage Scale (ATS).
The app is free to download and use, and it's available on Android and iOS.

Our score: 95%
Links: Android, iOS

EyeMD App

EyeMD app is a mobile eye exam tool for ophthalmologists, optometrists, residents, students, as well as neurologists, who can all use it to test vision and common ophthalmology conditions.
EyeMD app allows users to test visual acuity with the help of Snellen eye chart, pupillary response with their phone's camera flashlight, or color blindness with Ishihara color test.  
EyeMD app can also measure pupil size and it also provides medical reference links useful to eye care specialists, as well as residents and students.

Our score: N/A
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