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Many primary care physicians rely on desktop computers with the electronic health record (EHR) software installed to manage patients records. Mobile EHR/EMR apps can help physicians boost their productivity and save time.

Physicians usually take time during or between patients to sit at their desks and enter data into the electronic health record software. While this being the standard method, it is time-consuming and prone to data entry errors.
Mobile apps can help make better use of a physician's time. They're not supposed to replace desktop software. They are designed to connect to desktop EHR/EMR software and give physicians the ability to enter patients data on the go via smartphones or tablets.
While most EHR vendors offer mobile versions of their software, some mobile EHR apps work standalone, with the ability to connect to existing hospital systems.
Some of these EHR/EMR apps are doing better than others. Here, we listed some of them.

drchrono EHR / EMR App

drchrono EHR is a fully integrated electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR), medical billing, and practice management platform that is available as web-based and a mobile app.
It helps providers manage patient scheduling and clinical workflow in an easy way. 
To manage their patients, physicians are required to enter patient information only once. This enables drchrono app to minimize multiple data entries and data entry errors, and manage the data automatically thanks to numerous clinical tools, including electronic prescriptions, lab orders, secure messaging for patients, medical billing, and more.
The app is available for free download on Android and iOS. However, it requires users to choose one of the subscriptions that can be purchased in-app for $199.99-$499.99.

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Telus EMR Mobile App

Telus EMR Mobile app is an extension of the desktop electronic medical record (EMR) solution that allows physicians to view the patients they have scheduled, access patient medical profiles, document patient visits by taking photos and uploading them to the app, and more.
The app also enables providers to quickly phone or locate their patients, as well as other providers or facilities, including pharmacies stored in the app.
The app is free to download, however, it requires a licensed installation of a Telus EMR. Also, the Android version of the app is currently in Beta, so the users may encounter bugs.

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Epic Haiku App

Epic Haiku app is another mobile extension. It provides authorized clinical users of Epic's Electronic Health Record with secure access to clinic schedules, hospital patient lists, lab test results, notes, and more. 
A particularly useful feature of Epic Haiku app is the ability to upload pictures of a patients pathology, which can be a great way for healthcare providers to track patient's condition, for example, improvement or worsening after the treatment. Providers can also upload pictures of documents in a secure and HIPAA compliant way.
Epic Haiku is available on Android and iPhone, while iPad version is called Epic Canto.

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IMSGo app is designed for facilities that are using IMS EHR software as a mobile extension.
The app allows providers to view patient records at once, even without having to log into IMS software. 
Providers can view, and manage patient appointments, view detailed patient health and insurance data, manage documents and billing, view patient lab results and review them on the go, and more.
Some users reported slower experience with IMSGo app, which could hopefully be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.
The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

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Medlium EMR / HER App

Medlium is secure and HIPAA-compliant EHR / EMR app for healthcare practices that works on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.
It allows physicians to access patient records on multiple devices, record patient's data, schedule appointments and send reminders to patients, take clinical photos, securely message colleagues, manage documents, keep track of tasks, and more.
While many of the app's features are available for free (after you download the app), some of them become available after in-app purchase subscription or are limited to the device or U.S. territories, such as electronic prescriptions or interaction checker.

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Kareo – EHR, PM, Billing App

Kareo is a complete mobile platform that integrates three modules, including Kareo Clinical (EHR), Kareo Billing (PM) and Kareo Managed Billing (RCM).
These modules allow clinicians to access and manage their schedules, manage all of their patients, communicate with their office and patients, manage documents, make a quick diagnosis, E-prescribe medications, capture charges, and more.
The app is available for free, however, only on iOS devices, including Apple Watch that clinicians can use to view reminders, manage appointments, secure messaging, and more.

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Advanced MobileDoc App

Advanced MobileDoc app is a mobile extension of AdvancedEHR and it is completely integrated with it, which means that all data created or changed is immediately available in the secure cloud, where it can be accessed by your staff.
Like the other EHR solutions, Advanced MobileDoc allows it users to schedule and manage appointments, view and edit patient's data and insurance, create electronic prescriptions, view and sign lab results, message colleagues in secure and HIPAA-compliant manner.
Advanced MobileDoc App is only available on iOS devices, including Apple Watch.

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