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Allergic Reaction to Biore Acne Clearing Fash Wash

Answered by a doctor

So it has been a few years since I've used Biore products. Mainly because my skin has become more sensitive than acne prone as I got older. I tried it out for two night in a row and noticed that I had little bumps forming on my chin. I stuck with my normal face was (products from Lush; Coalface and...

by User avatar Guest

Painful White Bump on Pointer Finger

Answered by a doctor

Hello everybody, A month or two ago I noticed a small white bump on my left pointer finger which appears to be buried a little bit under the skin. It doesn't hurt too bad unless I poke at it or try to pop it, which I've still yet to do successfully. I still have full use of the finger and it...

by User avatar brygold

Boils blackheads pimples and whiteheads in my inner thighs

Answered by a doctor

Every sence around the time i was going through puberty, i've been getting boils, blackheads, pimples and whiteheads in my inner thighs and buttocks. The boils leave really bad, crater looking, deep scars that are just soooo ugly! I've been to a doctor and a obgyn and all they did was precribed...

by User avatar Saintal

why do pimples occurs due to sperm leakage???

Answered by a doctor

Pimples occurs during only sperm leakage!!!i surely tell u this happens only at that tym wen sperm leaks!!wat shld i do after sperm leakage to reduce pimples on face?!?????????????

by User avatar nithin

How common is adult acne and how can you treat it?

Am I the only one who is near 40 years old and looks like a geek with all those acne on my face? Because I really have this feeling that I am the teen guy who is a geek, etc.  I keep watching guys who are nearly my age to see is there any of them who are having acne issue, but I just don't see...

by User avatar Guest

Bioré baking soda foam, when I tried it and took it off my skin turned bright red

So I have just bought the product today and I have tried it and as soon as I have taken it off my skin is bright red...I have school photos tomorrow help 

by User avatar Guest

painfull bump/boils? on inner thighs in pubic area

Answered by a doctor

i have like inflammed boils on my inner thighs in the pubic region is this somehting to worry about

by User avatar brian

Lip pimple that just won't go away

Answered by a doctor

Hey guys I have this terrible problem. I've had this pimple of my lip for SO long now (maybe a month? i don't know) and no matter what I do, it just won't go away. When I first saw it I put toothpaste on it overnight (I heard that was meant to help) but I woke up and it had made it worse and all...

by User avatar CastawaySam

I can't cure my acne and now I started going bald. Can my acne still be caused by my age?

Here is my story:  I am already 21 and I still can't cure acne. Tried dozens of medicines and doctors.  2 years ago, I started to get bald. It's genetic.  I've got red dots.. acne scars I guess.  Acne is reduced (not eliminated) when I wash my face with specific soap...

by User avatar ChibsTelford

I have had a non painful lump in my butt cheek for 8 years, but now its slightly bigger

Answered by a doctor

I have had a non painful lump in my butt cheek for 8 years. (17 yrs old or so) I have attempted to have it looked at before but I feel like doctors have brushed it off. I have just lived with it with a slight concern in mind though besides touching it i wouldnt know it was there. Just recently...

by User avatar skilljunkie