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I'm addicted to eating a dry wall. How to stop that?

Answered by a doctor

I'm pretty sure most of you have the same addiction as I do so I'll just go into the details, I am addicted to dry wall it all started in the beginning of 2017 February 23 so I was coming home from school and there's this huge whole at the bottom of our stair case because my sister kicked a hole in...

by User avatar Anime Rocks ❤

eating soap and eating ice

Answered by a doctor

My daughter has the constant urge to eat bar soap, like Irish Spring. This started after her last pregancy. She also developed the need to eat ice constantly. The most demanding time is during her menstrual period. Can you please tell me the harm in these type of habits or urges. She thinks it...

by User avatar Guest

meat, gets me dizzy and causes anxiety.. or is it?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, i am a 45yr male. I got dizzy after eating meat. Once at my sister's house doing a bbq. After 3 bites i thought i was going to pass out. My ears started to ring, and it was difficult to breath. Then, same thing happen in a restaurant after having 2 bites of a stake. Stopped eating meat for 3...

by User avatar Mar

Can bulimia stunt your growth?

Answered by a doctor


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I don't eat clay or chalk, but have cravings for them. Doctor told me to take iron

Hello.i don't eat anything no clay no chalk.but I crave for told me to take iron tablets.problem is iron tablets causes lot of constipation. And I don't want to be constipated. So I stopped the iron tablets.why are iron tablets causing constipation. 

by User avatar jane

anorexia can t lose weight after recovery

Answered by a doctor

Hello! 5 years ago I begun with treatment for anorexia and I somehow succeeded. The problem is now that I gained lots of pound, I am even ashamed to say it ... 30 pounds and I think (and I do, medically proven) I am overweight. I would like to loose 10 pounds and that’s it, no more, because I do...

by User avatar Guest

Not eating, Shrunk Stomach, now can't eat

Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 15 and hasn't been eating breakfast or lunch for months, she only eats half size evening meal. She is very skinny and says when she lies down she feels like her body vibrates. She is snappy and bad tempered with everyone and is not doing as well at school as she should be. I am soo...

by User avatar PurpleOrange

Dial Soap Suds

For the last 6 months or so.... I love to lick Dial Gold suds from my hand. I take the soap and wash  my hands. Then I lather them up again and scoop the suds off and put them in my mouth. I don't swallow the suds.. I spit them out then rinse my mouth with water. I love the taste!  It calms me...

by User avatar dialgoldsudlicker264365

Does slate pencil causes mouth cancer

I am having a habit of eating slate pencil and I worried about having this habit and I have small red spot in my mouth and does it causes cancer

by User avatar Punniya

spitting out foods - to Eating Disorders

Answered by a doctor

I somehow developed the habit of spitting out food. I wanted to lose some weight before my holiday trip so I exercised and was on diet, but I also practised chewing and spitting for about three months. It’s not that I was particularly overweight, I just thought this would be a good way to lose...

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