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Overall value:
89 pts
QuantiaMD is a free app for physicians, residents and medical students available both online and on Android and iOS. It allows users to learn from medical experts and collaborate with their peers with a goal to deliver better care for their patients.


100 pts
App Interface Usability
Clean and easy to use, but also slow
75 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app features images and sound
92 pts
Real World Usability
Useful point-of-care tool
89 pts

Having comprehensive resources and clinical tools at the point-of-care is something that every medical provider needs. Especially if those tools and resources can provide continuing medical education to providers when they leave the bedside.

Mobile technologies made this possible. There are numerous apps, both free and paid, developed to make medical education and collaboration between physicians much easier. 

QuantiaMD is one of those apps. It is a free community for physicians, residents and medical students available both online and on Android and iOS devices. It allows users to learn from medical experts and collaborate with their peers with a goal to deliver better care for their patients.

QuantiaMD app provides interactive content that is delivered by faculty from top medical institutions. It is available only to licensed healthcare professionals and the users must verify their license to access all features.

Most of the content in the app is provided in a form of short interactive presentations, which are narrated and categorized by topics and allow users to earn CME credits, certificates or redeemable Q points. 

Good thing is that users can also submit their presentations to QuantiaMD app, which would be posted, once accepted,  for users to view. 

What makes this app a good collaborative resource is an ability to leave comments on presentations, cases, and challenges, and participate in discussions.

Upon opening the app, the users are required to register an account, which is quick and easy, requiring basic information, such as email and name, as well as credentials and specialty, along with country of practice.

After account creation, the app would open to the main screen that displays featured content, including expert presentations, cases, and challenges. There is one presentation/case/challenge listed on this screen with a link that opens others. There is also a quick start guide explaining the app's feature, but unfortunately, I couldn't start if from here.

You would also notice a warning/message that you need to confirm your clinician status in order to redeem Q points and fully participate in the community. Unfortunately, after I tapped on 'Confirm now' button nothing happened.

You can confirm your clinician status in My Q-Points Opportunities section. The app would perform automatic search trying to find you in the database. If your name isn't there, you can submit your NPI number, or your name and office zip code.

Once confirmed as a clinician, you will be able to redeem Q points, participate in a discussion, comment on presentations, or submit your own. 

If you cannot be confirmed, for example, if you're a medical student, you'd still have access to the presentations and challenges, but you won't be able to redeem your Q points or get CME credit.

So, what are exactly Q points? It is a system that provides  QuantiaMD app users with rewards for completing certain activities, such as participating in select content, completing a monthly challenge, referring colleagues to QuantiaMD app, and other activities, which are listed in My Q-Points Opportunities section. Q-Points can be redeemed for electronic Gift Cards.

To view the app's content you can either tap on star icon and view the most recent topics, or on menu icon on the top right and browse content by specialties. Here you can also view faculty info for all institutions that collaborate in the app, as well as the app partners, including CDC, Endocrine Society, AAPL, and more.

Expert presentations and Cases are presented in a similar brief format of PowerPoint presentation. Each presentation and case are narrated and there's no option to mute the sound or turn it off, which can be distracting and annoying.

Image challenges feature images, x-ray or CT scans with a brief textual description of patient's symptoms, requiring users to provide answers in a follow-up survey, to suggest the diagnosis and next best steps. After providing your answer, the app would give you the correct answer with explanation and reference sources.

Presentations, cases, and challenges also provide comment section where users can ask questions or discuss them with other users.

To view your earnings and achievements, you can tap on QuantiaMD icon on the top left and check your activities, certificates, CME diary, and Q points earned. Here you can also check the list of referrals, i.e. colleagues you've invited to use the app in order to earn Q points.

Here, you can also vote for finalists in Case Contest that were chosen by the app's editorial staff from all submissions received. Of course, once confirmed as a clinician, you can submit your own cases, which can be listed in the app, or even chosen for Case Contest if they have educational value, quality, and if they're relevant to typical practice.

I've noticed that QuantiaMD app loads very slowly, and it is, along with the inability to mute or turn the sound off in the presentations, my only objections regarding this app.

Other than these two flaws, QuantiaMD app is a very good point-of-care resource for all clinicians, residents and medical students, enabling them to access relevant clinical cases, presentations, and challenges, participate in a discussion and gain free CME and redeemable Q points.

Benefit: The app can be useful to all clinicians, residents, and medical students looking for free learning and CME opportunity


  • Broad range of topics covering various specialties
  • Free CME and redeemable Q points
  • Interactive presentations, cases, and challenges
  • Partnership with respectable and trusted institutions
  • Sound cannot be muted or turned off
  • Slow loading of pages

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