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Mobile apps have become an integral part of medical training and practice in the hospital and clinical setting, including among orthopedic providers.

There are currently around 300 orthopedic-focused apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These orthopedic mobile apps cover a large range of topics including education of medical students and orthopedics trainees, clinical evaluation, treatment recommendation and guidelines, and surgical training among others.
Here, we list some of the essential apps that any orthopedic providers should consider.

AO Surgery Reference App

AO Surgery Reference is a free app for Android and iOS devices made by Swiss-based AO Foundation with an aim to help orthopedic surgeons, as well as sports physicians and physiotherapists, manage orthopedic fractures and provide them with various complete surgical management process from diagnosis to aftercare, which depends on different fracture patterns and anatomical region.  
The app is basically AO Surgery Reference website ported to mobile devices, however not in a mobile-friendly way. Adult and pediatric skeletons used to identify fracture area don't look so good on smaller screens.
However, what is more, important is the fact that AO Surgery Reference app provides orthopedic surgeons with comprehensive, evidence-based information (both visual and textual), which is more important than these small issues with interface and design.

Our score: 91%
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CORE - Clinical ORthopedic Exam App

The physical exam is an important part of the overall evaluation. Same applies when diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries and pathologies, which depends on the ability to properly and accurately perform and interpret the orthopedic exam.
Medical providers often use maneuvers/special tests to evaluate and diagnose the patient.
CORE - which stands for Clinical ORthopedic Exam - is a mobile app for diagnosing musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. The app contains a huge database of over 400 clinical tests with detailed descriptions on how to perform exams, along with video demonstrations, diagnostic properties, and medical reference links.
Some providers, however, may be put off by its price. The app costs $39.99, and it requires additional $5.99 for exam videos.

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Orthoclass App

Fractures are classified in the wide range of classification systems, which can be confusing not only to medical students on orthopedic rotation but to more seasoned orthopedic surgeons as well.
Fracture classification systems basically allow orthopedic surgeons to communicate different fracture types while speaking a common language.
Also, the classification and type of fracture often determine treatment from a wide range of different options.
Orthoclass is a mobile app designed as a fracture classification reference for orthopedic surgeons.
Similar to AO Surgery Reference app, Orthoclass allows surgeons to quickly and easily access a wide range of fracture classification systems for different anatomical locations for both adult or child trauma. The app interface is straightforward and easy to use, allowing users to navigate through the menus with taps and simple touch gestures.
Orthoclass app is free to download and uses, however only for iPhone and iPad users.

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OrthoFlow App

OrthoFlow app helps providers diagnose and manage orthopedic trauma with simple, easy to understand and comprehensive set of orthopedic trauma and general topics designed in decision "Flows" that quickly guide them to the correct diagnosis and management plan.
The app contains evidence-based, clinically relevant information, which is accompanied by hundreds of unique diagrams and illustrations.
The format of the Orthoflow app is particularly suitable for orthopedic trainees and medical staff learning orthopedics, especially because of easy to use interface and high-yield content.
OrthoFlow app is available for both Android and iOS and it requires $4.99 payment.

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iOrtho+ App

iOrtho+  is a comprehensive reference app containing hundreds of orthopedic Special Tests and Manual Techniques developed from evidence-based knowledge and extensive clinical practice and carefully organized and documented by practicing physical therapists.
The app contains descriptions, as well as high-quality images and videos of musculoskeletal physical exams that users can easily navigate through. 
Users can also access the statistical information and the abstract or full-text version of the references which provide support for each test and techniques included in the app.
iOrtho+ app is free to download and use for both iOS and Android devices.

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The Ottawa Rules App

The Ottawa Rules are the set of rules developed by physicians at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa and validated by more than 20 studies, with a goal to help healthcare providers, particularly those who treat patients with spine, ankle and knee injuries, make better decisions on using diagnostic imaging (X-ray and CT scans) to evaluate patients with these injuries. The aim of these rules is reducing unnecessary imaging that also reduces wait times and healthcare costs.
The Ottawa Rules are available as a free app for Android and iPhone that bundles three existing rules, including Canadian C-Spine Rule, Ottawa Knee Rule, and the Ottawa Ankle Rules. Each of the rules features easy-to-follow evidence-based decision trees helping providers determine whether an X-ray or CT scan is needed for spine, knee or ankle injuries.

Our score: 90%
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Bonedoc App

Bonedoc is an app using gamification principles to teach orthopedic surgeons how to perform virtual orthopedic surgery.
The gamification concept makes the app much more engaging, while it does not lose its serious note. Virtual surgery provided in the app is very complicated. It tries to cover all aspects of a surgery, presenting a significant challenge to users. Also, there are many different ways and techniques for performing a surgery that adds to the complexity.
Users' actions are connected and affect each other, meaning that one decision you make regarding a particular case, directly affects other you do at a later step of the case. 
Bonedoc app allows users to share case scores with their colleagues creating competition that further drives the learning process.
The app costs $1.99, but unfortunately, it's not currently available for Android users.

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Insights Orthopedic App

Staying on top of medical literature is essential not only to medical students but also to healthcare professionals with years of practice. This applies to all specialties, including orthopedics.
The advent of mobile technologies helped to bring medical literature, as well as journals and news about recent developments at our fingertips.
Insights Orthopedic app is created in a form of journal magazine that aims to collect all the important and recent developments in orthopedics and provide them in a simple easy to read fashion. 
This app is organized into sections, each providing the latest information, including the most recent articles in leading print journals, news, videos, AO Traumaline, audio podcasts, clinical trials updates, and much more.
While the app is free to use, it's currently only available to iOS users.

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