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Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app is a medical application that tests the clinical skills of health care professionals. It is available on the Google Play Store for free to download and use on all Android devices.


The app if free to download and use from Google Play Store. It's also compatible with all Android devices.
100 pts
App Interface Usability
The app is very easy to use. The controls and instructions are simple, and the buttons and tabs are visible and easily accessible.
90 pts
Multimedia Usage
The graphics are very simple, which is nice for the app because it keeps it down-to-earth and not pretentious. This may be a negative for the more serious user. The images are animated and not real-life images though.
80 pts
Real World Usability
The clinical cases are based on real-life patient situations. This is as real an one can get with exposure to patient cases, which makes learning about these scenarios all the more relevant.
100 pts

Prognosis: Your Diagnosis app was developed for medical students, residents, nurse and medical practitioners as well as specialists. This medical application includes a series of engaging and interactive clinical cases which tests the decision making and clinical assessment skills of the user. Clinical knowledge is learned and consolidated and this is all done in a risk-free environment, and if one makes a mistake then the app will supply the correct answers with an explanation. This app is ideal for medical students and residents who are performing tests and clinical exams. 

All the case presentations in the app are based on real-life patients, and have been assessed and reviewed by an editorial panel of more than 130 specialists covering over 30 medical and surgical disciplines. There are already over 150 clinical cases that are ready for download on the app, and a new case is added on a weekly basis. 

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) sends users of the app a notification each week, when a new case is released. GCM requires the following permissions in order to send the notifications for the download:

  • Find accounts on the device.
  • Full network access.
  • Receive data from internet.
  • Prevent phone from sleeping.

The awards this app has received include the following accolades:

  • It is ranked as the number 1 medical app in the USA. 
  • Discover Magazine has described the app as 'Dr House for Doctors'.
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE) states this is 'One of the five best apps for doctors’.
  • Voted the 'Best Health App' at the World Summit Awards in 2012.


    Using the app

    When the app is accessed, a home screen comes up with options for 'Cases', 'My Case Log', 'Invite' and 'Languages'. When you press on the 'Cases' button, then all the case scenarios come up on a new page. You need to press on each case in order to download them and this occurs very quickly, which is convenient. At the bottom of this page are tabs for different medical and surgical specialties if you're looking for cases in specific disciplines.

    When you've chosen the clinical case you want to go through, you get to a page where the history of the patient is stated. At the bottom of this page are more tabs that go through the clinical process.

    After the history page, you can choose to move on to the examination page where information is presented regarding what was found on examination of the patient. 

    Next, you move onto the investigate button where choices are given regarding what relevant investigations you would choose to perform on the patient based on their history and what was identified on examination. Here is where your clinical acumen is tested, and once you've chosen the relevant investigation, you are given the results.

    You then move on to the manage button where you are asked to choose the correct management of the patient. Now, you put all the information you have regarding the patient and decide on how to treat them, just like we do real patients.

    When you press the finish button, you are then given the diagnosis of the patient and how to manage them appropriately. The bottom of the page has now included new buttons where you can go through the results and analysis of the case, and a discussion button takes you to a page where the reasoning behind the results and the diagnosis is given.

    Back at the home page, where you will find the 'My Case Log' button, when this page is accessed you will find that you can login to Facebook or Google+ and create a personal case log. You can also choose cases based on the separate medical and surgical disciplines.

    The app is very easy to use and first-time users of apps shouldn't have a problem with it. It's a very simple app to navigate through, yet contains concise information and keeps the user interested. It may be because of the 'cartoonish' animation that is uses, but this just makes it more fun to use and doesn't take itself too seriously to think that it's being pretentious.

    I really like this application and it's something that I would keep and use to improve my clinical knowledge. If I get stuck with a case, I may end up finding it on the app seeing that there are so many cases to go through.



    • The app is free to download and use.
    • Very user-friendly and navigating the app is done seamlessly.
    • The clinical cases are relevant, up-to-date and involve real patient scenarios.
    • This is essential for learning purposes.
    • Medical students, interns, residents and medical practitioners and specialists gain clinical knowledge and test their clinical skills against real world situations.
    • A wide selection of clinical cases are available that cover a broad range of medical and surgical specialties.
    • New cases get sent to the app on a weekly basis.
    • The graphics are animated and simplistic which may put the more serious user off from trying the app.
    • An internet connection is needed to initially download the cases.

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