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I am 16, im a virgin and i recently ahve gotten this discharge in large amounts. its clear, sometimes kinda milky, and its itches slightly. this happened before but not as bad and i started itching (which made it hurt and burn form irritating it) and it has a strong odor i cant easily discribe. it started with a slight pain in my lower abdomen and the weekedn before it started i has cloudy urin, but now its clear.<--- i dont know if that last part is relavent...)
its really bother some, i ahve has to ask frineds for strong perfumes at school and even wore a light pad today.
i ahve been under lots of stress especialy from final semester exams at school, i have has a lack of sleep and irragular eating habits lately. just last wee i was thin but now my abdomin has swelled slighly (in the lower abdominal area) could this be an infection that keeps coming back worse each time? im getting eally woried about it and have never seen a Gynocologist before and am nervouse to consult one. i leave in a week for x-mas break and wont have access to a propor doctor there.( when it happened before it wasnt this bad but was irritated more.. it came back every month after my period sonce summer, untill the passed 2 months when it finaly never really smelled then either, but im sure its the same thing)

i know i typed alot but i really want to figure this out. what is it and what should i do?

thank you


I'll try to help. :-)

This discharge, does it have white clumps in it? If so, it does sound like a yeast infection and an over-the-counter remedy will help (choose the 3 or 7 day one, not a one-day type)

BUT discharge has a cycle, following your mentrual cycle (read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. It is geared towards acheiving or avoiding pregnancy but has excellent menstrual cycle information).
The white thick discharge will be seen for a week before your period and once your period is done, you'll have a white (or yellowish) discharge but this one will be smooth, milky, very much like lotion and somewhat slippery.
Some women have a lot of discharge and some have none. I have a friend who has to wear pantiliners everyday but this puts her at risk for infections since things should breath down there. If you feel you need to wear them, try to find the kind that breathes and try to let things breath at night.

When I was your age, I had an infection for a few months without even knowing it but a nurse clued me in. :-)
Could you go see a nurse? Here we have nurse practitioners, do you have that where you live? Maybe a walk-in clinic?

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, don't be shy.