So I am 20 years old and have been on Loestrin 24 Fe since I was 18 for my periods. I had my last period on June 23rd and it only lasted a day, but after the 23rd I had been off it for about a little over a week due to money issues and I had sex on July 1st, we used a condom but I was a little scared it slipped off a little and the guy I had sex with said it didn't but since I was off my birth control I wanted to be extra safe because I always worry about things and on the 2nd I went to my doctor and got Low-Ogestrel as a back up and I had to take 4 pills and then take 4 more a few hours later and then on the 3rd I started back on my Loestrin 24 Fe like normal and ever since I took that back up I have had really bad cramps and I had nausea for about a little over a week and that stopped but I have still had cramps and they feel like my period cramps but I am not due to have my period until the 23rd of this month (that will be 3 weeks after taking the back up and 30 days from my last period) I took a urine test at my doctors office and a blood test 16 days after I had sex and they both came back negative. I am just wondering if this has happened to others and could the cramps be a result of the back up and starting back on my birth control since both have tons of hormones?  I really don't think I am pregnant because I haven't had any other symptoms other than the nausea and cramps which is side effects of both the back up and my normal birth control.