Im 23 years old, diagnosed with PCOS at 17. Im on birth control (Lo Loestrin FE). On the BC for..about 6 months or a little less. First, about...3 or 4 months ago...ovary pain right side, so bad, hurt forever. Went to the DR. in..October I think, did an ultrasound they looked at my ovaries, saw NOTHING. If there was ovarian cancer, would it have SHOWN UP on the ultrasound in October 2012? So this pain goes back awhile in the year but lately its been getting worse. Usually accompanied by this nausea--period--cramping is that my breasts hurt...sometimes bad. So in...late November or early december I cant recall, of 2012, i had a really bad period with really bad nausea and cramps that lasted longer then 7 days. that finally stopped, a week went by, nothing..then another lighter and not so bad period. Then, another week went by; nothing. And now, my period starts again, bad nausea, cramps, and im sure the bleeding will get heavy. Im terrified of cancer, I have PCOS, on this BC, wont see the DR until the 24th, also scared as hell about being pregnant because my boyfriend and I will be kicked out of his parents house if I am. I dont know what it is, really. Please help???