I am 19. I have been taking loestrin 24 fe for 4 months. THis past month I took my pill everyday but a few of the days in the middle of the month i was late taking them. My boyfriend and I have had sex multiple times a week during this time only using the "pull out" method, a few times he has cum while inside me during anal sex. i just ended my 4 day long period time and did not start a new month because i want to wait till i am able to take a pregnancy test to make sure i am not pregnant because my period was really short compared to my past ones while being on the pill. i have had little spotting during the week before my period. My breast are tender but have been become back to normal. I have also had bad headaches but i am recently back from college and my diet, lifestyle, stress level has changed dramatically within the past month. I am worried that i could be pregnant, and if the result i get back from the pregnancy test will be effected by the birth control i have been taking.