I'm scared to death. I dont know why I'm freaking out so badly. But I just thought I"d get a few opinions. I am 22 years old, my periods are some what irregular- sometimes they are 28 days apart sometimes 32 days apart. My last period started on Nov 27. Lasted the full 7 days. So ended on Dec 6th or 7th. That is the last time I had sex (protected w/condom). I went to the gyno on dec 15th to get birth control. She put me on loestrin 24 fe. I started taking that day (instead of waiting till the sunday after my period, my gyno said it would be fine to start early) Some where around the 20th i started experience bad cramps, but never any bleeding...the cramps come and go still, recently I've experienced some breast tenderness, and feeling a little bit swollen (breast) and some slight weight gain. I have also been extrememly tired. I have researched all these symptoms, and they are all side effects of the BC pill. And didn't occur until the pill had got in my system... However some what signs of pregnancy. I think its highly unlikely because, the last time I had intercourse was the day I stopped my period. And I went to the gyno a little over 1 week later, and the cramps etc didn't start until the BC pill had got into my system. Also while at the gyno I took a urine test before I could get the BC pill. I know I would have only been around 1 week preg at the time (if i were) so I dont think it would have detected it. Just wondering if you guys think this is all a side effect of the pill?