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I am a 66 yr old female and  for the last 8 yrs i have had medium sized internal hemorrhoids.

In the past my surgeon has needled them 3 times which only gives tempory relief,  around 7 yrs ago i had them banded but the bands flew off.

They are getting worse so i have made up my mind to go through with the surgery and have them cut out.

Regards maryjo47


Hello, Mary Jo!  I hope that your doctor agrees with you about having your hemorrhoids removed.  It seems that all they have done is give you grief for the last 8 years!  The surgery can be a godsend for many people so that they do not have to endure the discomfort, pain, and/or bleeding that comes with it.  After about one month after the surgery, you will be feeling as good as new.  You will be on stool softeners and laxatives for a time after the surgery as you heal.  Has anyone have anything to share about their hemorrhoid surgery and how they feel after having it done?



Hi, ybanks522,

Thanks for the post.

My surgery is scheduled for the 12th of Feb 2014.

The nurse said to fast for 8 hours before surgery.

But i have decided to eat no meat for 1 or two weeks before hand, no corn , nuts etc, only easily digested soft vegies/ soups 1 week before surgery. And 1 day before surgery nothing to eat at all.

The day of the surgery they said i will be having 2 fleet enemas.

I am not looking forward to the operation, but i know it needs to be done.

Some times if i have a leakage problem, which is most embarrassing and annoying.

One thing i have read is how important it is to sit in warm water after surgery.

I have a bath tub but it is located down stairs, and dont think i would be able to negotiate the steps, also the bath tub is set up high off the ground for drainage.

I checked out sitz baths to buy, expensive for the solid 3 leg plastic ones $450 + $80 postage. I dont know as yet if you can hire them out.

I have a bidet that has hot/cold taps and drainage, but some one said that this would be too much pressure on the butt.

We think it would be best to book  an apartment for 1 or 2 weeks, after the surgery, this is the low season for rentals.

It would be good to hear any advice from other survivors before and after surgery.

Regards maryjo47.