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Hemorrhoids are uncomfortable and even painful masses in the rectum and/or anus which are varicose veins of the venous blood vessels (veins) that drain blood from this part of the body.

The Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System is a monopolar low-voltage device that delivers an electrical current to the affected area which causes the hemorrhoid to shrink within seven to 10 days. It is also referred to as Galvanic Electrotherapy and it a safe and effective therapy to manage all grades of hemorrhoids.


The procedure doesn't require the patient to undergo any bowel preparation and no anesthesia is needed to put the patient to sleep or to sedate them.

Using a speculum, which is inserted into the rectum, the doctor isolates the hemorrhoid and inserts the Ultroid probe through the speculum placing the device at the base of the hemorrhoid to deliver the electrical current. 

No nerve endings are affected which means that the patient feels no pain when the electrical probe is used to manage the offending hemorrhoids. The procedure takes 30 minutes to complete from beginning to end. 


In a study conducted on 50 patients in 2010, researchers demonstrated with the Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System that:

  • There was an 82 percent success rate in managing hemorrhoids.
  • There was a partial success rate of 10 percent.
  • Only eight percent of the participants in the study showed no improvement with this therapy.
  • 74 percent of the participants didn't experience any post-procedural pain.
  • 26 percent of patients reported some discomfort after the procedure.
One of the most significant findings was that the Ultroid system was just as effective as rubber band ligation in managing hemorrhoids.


The main reason why the Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System is a better option for treating problematic hemorrhoids is because of the pain control offered by this therapy. 

Other benefits of this treatment option include:

  • Managing all forms of hemorrhoids ranging from Grade 1 to 4 (mild to severe), internal and external masses.
  • The procedure is performed in the office of the treating doctor and no hospitalization of the patient is required.
  • There are no wounds that need to be taken care of and no risk of infection due to the procedure. There are also no reported long-term issues associated with the therapy.
  • The Ultroid system is FDA-approved and accepted by the majority of medical insurers.
  • No recovery period is required for the patient. Once the procedure is performed, the patient can return immediately to work and perform their normal daily activities.


There are currently very little known risks involved with the use of the Ultroid system because it uses such a low level of electrical current. This means that there's no risk of electrical burns or electrocution.

As mentioned, the procedure is not painful because the area of the hemorrhoid that is worked on doesn't contain any nerve endings, although there are some patients that will complain of some discomfort. This resolves relatively quickly though with no further issues of complications reported.

Very rarely have patients complained of mild bleeding or swelling in the area where the procedure was performed, but these all resolve completely within a short period of time.

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