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I was researching hemerrhoid treatments and I came across one that said "tube baths" were a good idea. I am unclear as to what a tube bath is, does anyone else know? any help is appreciated.


You probably mean tub baths. Well, it all depends on what your hemorrhoids were like. Internal, external, mild, severe, bleeding, painful, new, old…….

I did tub baths but sometimes I had no relief from them because I suffered from severe hemorrhoids and I don’t think you can get rid of the hemorrhoids this way. This procedure is only done to help get rid of the symptoms.

I used to fill my tub with warm water and then sit in it for like half an our (sometimes less) after every bowel movements. You are supposed to do it another 2-3 times without having bowel movements but that was too much time consuming, so I didn’t.

I tried anything like adding fiber to my diet, drinking a lot of water and got no relief.
In the end, I decoded to go for a infrared coagulation. This saved my life. But of course you need to talk to the doc what would be the best treatment for you.

What are your hemorrhoids like? Are you having too much problems with them?