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I am a 54 year-old male that underwent a hemorroidectomy on Feb 27 and the procedure was performed with a harmonic scalpel. The post op recovery has been an absolute horror. My surgeon is the guy who wrote the book on the adaptation of laparoscopic techniques in colorectal surgery. Accomplished as he may be, he did nothing to prepare me for what the recovery was going to be like. I thought I would be up and on my feet the following day. Wrong. I quickly realized I wasn't going anywhere or doing anything for a while.

Post op care and instructions included a prescription for 30 Percosets, stool softener, hemorrhoid cream (for itching and burning), gauze and fiber supplement.

Most of the moderate to severe pain killers such as Percoset and Vicodin can also constipate the patient. So on the one hand you can manage the pain (which is severe) but on the other hand, constipation is a common side effect of the oxycodone and hydrocodone class of narcotic pain killers.

It took me two days to have my first bowel movement and pass the gauze that was packed in. The inability to urinate was another real problem. It takes some effort to put pressure on the bladder to urinate and this too caused pain and the bladder just shut down on me. In fact, both bladder and bowels shut down because of the pain. So I experienced extreme pain and discomfort because of my inability to urinate while my bladder felt like it was bursting. I would stand over the toilet for an hour only to squeeze out a single drop.

The percosets were gone in four days. My mother had vicodins and those were a life saver.

The first week following surgery passing a stool was excruciating. I nearly passed out from pain and nausea while sitting on the toilet. The urge to vomit was overwhelming. I was drenched with sweat while sitting on the toilet for hours, sometimes passing just a dime sized stool. I was on the toilet at all hours of the day and night. The urge to defecate and urinate was always present and it was difficult to alleviate.

During the worst days and nights I found myself taking the pain meds to prepare myself for a bowel movement. Then I tried to hold it until the pain meds kicked in. Days and nights revolved around taking painkillers. The Percosets and Vicodins were effective for about four hours when taken two at a time.

Apart from anesthetizing myself to pass a stool, I found relaxation the most effective technique to prepare for a bowel movement and this was accomplished with a warm sitz bath. I took them before and after bowel movements. The pleasure of a sitz bath cannot be overstated. In other threads I have read where patients resorted to defecating in the sitz bath because that was the only time and place where they were sufficiently relaxed to pass their stools.

Alas, on day 10 I was able to pass a stool with moderate discomfort as opposed to extreme pain.

I still needed about two 10 mg Vicodin each day to alleviate persistent soreness for two weeks.

Forget toilet paper. It's one month since my surgery and I still don't use it.

Fortunately, we have a bidet and I was able to wash and irrigate my rear with warm water after each bowel movement which added some comfort.

I found it helpful to have an ample supply of "non-stick" sterile gauze 4" x 3" squares that after each bowel movement I would fold one in half and placed it against my anus to prevent blood and stool leakage. When the next bowel movement came, the gauze just fell off into the toilet. These were life savers.

I had good days and bad days following the surgery. Sometimes I would feel things were returning to normal and then I would have these explosive bowel movements lasting an hour or more. After hours of extreme pain and discomfort, I would emerge from the bathroom physically exhausted.

As a result of my own experience with this procedure I have developed a healthy empathy for people who live with chronic pain.

The rectal bleeding subsided within the first week where spotting would occur depending on the nature of the bowel movement.

Leakage of stool was a problem until the past couple days. One month after surgery I no longer wear the gauze on my rear but I do carry one or two with me in the event I have a particularly egregious bowel movement that is almost always accompanied by leakage the remainder of the day.

I know us guys don't always change our underwear every day, but this past month I've been changing twice each day.

The other day I was curious and wanted to see for myself what my rectum looked like. This is a difficult undertaking. I tried to position a magnification mirror with illumination beneath my butt and spread my cheeks and take a look. What I saw surprised me. I could plainly see the scar tissue as well as the wounds that were still healing.

I laid off all alcohol and this really helped with how I feel and my bowel movements have become "normal" for the first time in 10 years.

No more pushing them back in. No more soiled underwear. No more fear of being found out.

Good luck with your recovery. It is going to hurt. But I am already starting to sense the absence of those hemorrhoids and after ten years of carrying those free hitchhikers, I'm glad I had the surgery and would do it again.


It's six weeks and no more leakage of stool. I feel better than ever.

I went to the follow-up examination last week and was informed I had both internal and diseased external hemorrhoids removed. I had no idea the extent of my affliction before the surgery. So this might explain why my recovery was so difficult.

The surgeon explained that recovery experiences are wide and varied with some people experiencing moderate discomfort whereas others experience severe pain.

If I had to do it all again, I would do it. Like most bad experiences in life, the memory of them are often eclipsed as time marches forward.

I can sleep naked in my bed without soiling the sheets. I can wear any color underwear instead of black, black or black. And that constant irritation and discomfort of some appendage dangling from my rectum is long gone. I might even consider having sex again.

My best wishes to you all in your treatment for this, the most personal and perhaps most embarrassing of all medical maladies.


Hemorroidectomy was something worst in my life. Of course, it helped me but the experience after it was really terrible.

Of course, you will have a anesthesia and you won't be able to feel a thing. But still, when you woke up after this procedure, you will feel horrible pain. 

The operation is usually done in a surgery center and I was out of the hospital same day. So, the only true is that  you can expect some pain after surgery, but if your doctor gave you a prescription medicine for pain or some hemorrhoids cream, you should take it as prescribed. Ask your doctor what medicines are safe for you as well.

This helped me a lot and thanks God, I was able to sit and to go to the toilet normally, without a fear after 40 days. 



Good luck to everyone who is going to have a hemorroidectomy. I’m a 45 yr old man, and I had hemorrhoids for almost 20 yrs. Today May 30th 2008, is my 10th day after surgery, and I’m ok. Now I can sit (not well as before) and type some words. I think I’ll just need 4 more days to recover. Before I had a hemorroidectomy, I read a lot of these pages from other people who had already been through hemorroidectomy . I was really scared. My surgery took about 1-1 ½ hrs. They put me to sleep. When I woke up everything was already done. I had no idea what they did to me. I didn’t feel pain at all. Before the surgery I asked the doctor how he was going to do my surgery. They told me that he was going to do hemorroidectomy, not laser surgery, but they both had the same procedure. He cut 3 parts of my hemorrhoids, and then he sewed them. He told me that they will never come back.

On the first day I totally needed someone to drive me home and I needed someone around to help for completely 24 hrs. I was ok on the 1st day. BUT the 2nd and 3rd days were my horrible days. It started hurting me but I didn’t really feel like dying. I was prepared for my 1st bowel movement. REMEMBER that on the 2nd day you have to take out the gauze (like the long cotton that they put really deep in your anus.) you have to take it out on the 2nd day as early as you can. It hurts because the blood dries. You better sit in the hot bath for 20 minutes and while you’re sitting there it’s easy to take it out ( or some one can help you) After the 1st day you better sit in the hot bath for 15-20 minutes every day. that was very helpful and relaxing. I did that 5-6 times a day for 1 week. On the 2-4th days, it’s hard to control your pee and bowel movement. REMEMBER to eat vegetables, fiber (get FIBER ONE Cereal) and fruits. I didn’t eat a lot in 10 days. I only ate fruits, vegetable, fiber one cereal, and 100% prune juice because I was scared of the bowel movement. It killed me for the first 2-5 days. It HURTTTTTT. . I had to wear women pads until now. It’s very helpful. It really hurt for 2-7 days for bowel movement but after 10 days I’m ok, and it doesn’t hurt much anymore. The doctor gave me drugs which were 100 tablets SENNA for stool softener + 45 tablets HYDROCODONE/APAP 7.5/500 for pain killer, and the last one is 35 tablets DIAZEPAM 2 MG for relieve muscle. I want to write a lot but my English is very limited. My 10th day feels a lot better but I’m still wearing pads. I very appreciate the comment of a 54 year-old male who Posted: 03/26/08 - 18:34 I think his name is Mr. JoeSantill. His situation is very close to mine. Thanks a lot to him.


I am a 52 year old male and here's my experience.

I have suffered on and off with hemorrhoids for about 30 years. The last six years have been the worst. I have both internal and external hemorrhoids, and the bleeding would come and go about every 4-6 weeks, lasting for a good week. The bleeding was so bad, that I became anemic several times and my physician would give me injections to up my red blood count, and I would take iron supplements for the same.

In 2007 one of the external hemorrhoids became thrombosed (sp), and it was some of the most incredible pain I ever experienced. Unfortunately I was in a foreign country so I toughed it out for a week until it went away on its own.

I had had it, and decided to try banding. I found a clinic and went through three treatments. On the third treatment, the doctor became irritated when he saw that the band fell off before the hemorrhoid died, and just told me to stop banding and get surgery.

The banding that worked seemed to help a lot for a while; no bleeding. Then about three months later, the bleeding started again. Depressing.

I procrastinated and "some day"was going to try another clinic for banding when bang, one of my internal hemorrhoids became thrombosed. I thought the external hemorrhoid was painful, but this totally beat that one. The pain was so intense with no relief, that I literally almost cried, and I can take pain.

I visited a surgeon that day, and he said lets do the hemorrhoidectomy. I was in so much pain, that I agreed to do it the next day. He told me that I would have pain, but I told him it likely wouldn't compare to the current pain.

Surgery went well, and I was able to urinate at the hospital so they let me go that day. They gave me a prescription for Vikodin.

I had a lot of discharge and bleeding which I read was normal. The pain was tolerable, so I only took Vikodin for two days. Also I had read that Vikodin causes constipation.

I read on these forums about drinking prune juice, eating high fiber foods, and the doctor told me to take Colace, which is a stool softener. I did all these.

I had the surgery on Thursday, and on Sunday I still had not had a bowel movement. I was starting to feel very bloated and uncomfortable. I called the physician on call and he told me to take Milk of Magnesia if really necessary. He said he had heard of patients who had not had a bowel movement for a week. Unbelieveable I thought.

I then started to eat dates, prunes, drink prune juice, and took several Colace. Later on Sunday I basically forced myself to have a bowel movement and it was incredibly painful, with minor bleeding. I believe the Colace helped quite a bit. I found that standing was the only way to get the process started. Once I felt some urge, I then hovered over the toilet in a semi-hunched over position since I could not sit.

For the next week, I had a movement every two days (using the above method), and yes the pain was harsh. After every movement I took a hot bath, so the advice about the hot bath is totally true. After about 20 minutes, the pain would become tolerable and subside. And this is a good way to cleanse your rectum.

The pain during a movement continued until the 10th day. On the 10th day, I finally started to not see any bleeding and I was finding a rhythm. During this period I was eating a very high fiber diet of beans, bean soup, Fiber One cereal, dates, prunes, pears, vegetables, and avoiding any meat or bland foods. That seemed to work a lot. The bean soup in particular was really helpful.

After three weeks, I was starting to feel normal. It's now been four weeks and I am normal. By the way, I could not work for the first week as sitting in a car hurt somewhat, and I was leaky and ruining my under ware etc.

Yes, I am very happy with the outcome and would do the surgery again. However I was going to try banding again for the 2nd time as I wrote, as I was fearful of surgery. My body basically told me different as I waited too long for either the 2nd banding process or to chose surgery. The surgeon told me I had the third biggest hemorrhoids he had ever seen.

My advice to hemorrhoid sufferers is if they chose surgery: know the potential issues, what to do regarding nutrition and to keep the bowels moving, the medications available, the baths, and be prepared for potential pain during the movements (not always I have read).

However know that in my case, it was all worth it so far. I endured about two weeks of pain and discomfort, but long term I may have finally beat these hemorrhoids and the anemia they were causing.


WOW! I commend anyone undergoing hemorrhoid surgery - bravery and courage definately go hand in hand. Remember there are many ways to correct hemorrhoids. The person can solve the problem from home by following the home treatment methods like soaking the area in warm water or putting ice on it. You can also use different herbal medicines to get rid of the disease and get instant relief but these are all temporary and not long term solutions to the disease. Permanent cure can be give only by the doctor by performing surgery. Unfortunately the case is not always the same. Sometimes the problem returns even after surgery. But this depends much on the habits of the person recovering from hemorrhoid surgery and what he or she does to prevent the problem from occurring.


I am a 26 yr old female who is currently recovering from a haemmeroidectomy.
Procedure was performed on Thursday (it is now Tuesday night the following week) and I am just at the beginning stages of having my first bowel movement.
The pain of trying is excruciating and I stop anything from happening before it gets to far because it just hurts way too much.

I have tried going on the toilet, in the sitz bath (awful, but the only way I can relax).
Nothing is working to stop the pain.

Can anyone recommend anything that will ease the pain of a bowel motion?
I'm desperate as I am bloated and uncomfortable all day and have been for almost a week now. I am just too scared to go now as I know how much it hurts just to TRY. Am basically holding it in.
I really hope that everyone is right in saying this surgery is worth the pain because this is by far the most painful experience of my life and I like to think I have a high pain threshold....

Thanks for any advice/info


Hemorriod surgery, recovery and pain...

I just had hemorroid surgery last Friday, it was quite extensive. 5 blood veins were cut and sealed, and several groupings of interior hemorriods were removed. I opted for Doppler Guided Surgery with a vascular surgeon. I must say, I was under about one hour. It was hard coming out of the anethesia. I have some vague recall of the surgery, but nothing upsetting, it was jsut hard coming out of the anethesia. I had been bleeding a lot prior to the surgery, with each and very bowl movement.

But recovery was fine... there is a lot of pressure like you have to go to the bathroom, but it is normal and from the swelling- so they tell me. I was sent home, with nothing more than a follow up visit, and pain killers (common), from what I have been reading this is the general rule of thumb. But I was NOT in any pain, discomfort, yes. Pain, NO.

This is the second day after the surgery, (Sunday) no pain yet, discomfort and soreness, YES. But a root canal is far worse. I still feel like I want to have a bowl movement, but have not yet passed anything. I opted not to sit in the small pan they give you, but rather soak in a salt-water bath 3x a day, and it HELPS alot.

MY bottom is sore, they had tapped a pad, even onto the hair, and it really hurt coming off. If you are hairy shave first, it will make your life easier later and less hurtful.

I have a huge black (NOT back and blue, just black) bruise around my anus about 3 inches wide. I guess this is from where they strech you open. They gave me pain killers (they also constipate you), I took one when I came home and did not like the feel, so I opted for Motrin (Ibprophin) 600 mg/4 times a day and it helps with the interior swelling.

I have been PUSHING fluid, alot. I pee a lot and often. I have kept off my feet and am in bed most of the time, with some light walking around the house. So, far, so good... I have heard the first bowl movement is ROUGH, but so far, NO pain. We will see how it goes from here. They told me NO coffee, but today I had 2 cups and I feel normal again.

I have noticed that when I try to go to the bathroom I am passing small bits and pieces of cut materials, like skin, and small purple-red blood balls, about the size of currents are popping out. I am thinking these are things they cut or tied off. Limited bleeding, just a light amount on the paper, when you pat dry.

That is my experience so far, if anything like some of the horriable things I have read on here happen, I will post another entry. But all in all, my experience has been, I don't want to say good, but fairly reasonable give the intense and intrusive type of surgery that is involved with this treatment.

I hope this offers some comfort and insigth to those going through this process. Again I used, Doppler Guided Surgery with a vascular surgeon.


I just had hemorrhoid surgery 4 days ago. I needed to have it done. They were just awful and painful and level 4. My insurance had reached the very high deductible and I had time off from my job. It was now or never. Previously I had other surgeries - 3 c-sections, tubal ligation, gall bladder, thumb surgery and D & C. I figured how bad could it be? Welll...

No one really tells you how much it will hurt afterward until AFTER the surgery. From previous surgeries, I remember hearing people lose it and cry in post op and thinking - WOW, glad that isn't me. Well after this surgery, it was me. I could not get a grip on the pain. They gave me a shot of morphine and a percocet. Helped a little. The nurse told me to go home and try to sleep the first day away. (Husband drove - you can't drive after this surgery...). I kept up on the pain medicine, but I was prescribed to take it every 4 hours. The problem was is that the pain came back at 3 hours. That last hour was the longest freaking hour of my life! At around 11:00 PM - I completely lost it. I wanted to jump out of my skin. The pain was so far ahead of me - I wasn't sure what to do. My husband started looking up on line and I screamed at him to call the flipping doctor. The surgeon was not on call. He went to go back online and I was like, "call our family doctor or 911!" He called our family doctor. They said to double up on the pain med. Instead of 1 tablet of percocet (7.5 mgs) that I should take two pills. It raises my risk for getting sick from it but should help with the pain. I did what they recommended. It helped the first three hours but again, that fourth hour was like a million years.

The next day we called the surgeon's office. They said that this is the most painful recovery of any surgery. It is worse than open heart surgery. They said that I should go back to 1 pill but take it every 3 hours. That helped. They also said to take advil cause that would help with the swelling. So I did. And I used the xylocaine to numb the area. This combination worked better. But I have to make sure to stay on time w meds. There are still times that things spasm and it hurts regardless.

After three days, I was still in a lot of pain - but I can think again. It is better than it was the first few days. Also sits bath, heating pad and ice packs are a must!

The thing that scared me the most was having my first BM. One person described it as having Edward Scissor Hands massage your ass. Scared me! And the percocet is constipating and that was only going to make it worse. I was determined to do everything I can not to have to call 911 to go to the toliet. I watched what I ate. If it wasn't easily digestible, then in wasn't going in my mouth. Beans are good, bananas are bad. I also started eating prunes and drank apple juice packed in ice 24 -7. (Still am doing these things...). I also limit my caffeine cause that is a diuretic and pulls water from the body. The more water the better to keep stools soft. Add in 300 mg of Colace and 2 heaping table spoons of benefiber to my juice each day.

Well last night I felt the pangs of having to poop. I sat in the sitz, but the thought of sitting in dirty poop water made me uptight, so I put that away and sat on the regular toilet. I can honestly say, I went and it was not bad. It was not crazy pain. It was a little uncomfortable - but not worse than w the hemorrhoids. And there was not a lot of blood. Afterward I sat in the sitz to clean myself and then used Balneol to clean the area. The key then is to get an icepack on it for about 15 mins. I then put on more xylocaine and dressed the area. I was ok. This morning I was ok and the swelling wasn't awful. I went two more times today with the same experience.

I am going to continue the same regime for awhile until things heal and stay very on my medication. This is day four, so I am hardly out of the woods. I am not ready to drive or work yet - but I am better than I was. I also know in the long run that this will have been worth it. I am posting so soon because my hope is the routine I have used to have a BM can help someone else. I will give an update when I am more recovered.

Good luck to anyone who has to have this done.


Second update... I am the same woman who had my surgery on Tues of last week. I found out from doc that they used the scope thing and had to put titanium staples inside, but then even more pushed out, so they had to also use the scalpel and then stitch the outside. Doc said that makes it even harder. He said stitches on the outside are harder than the staples. I have both.

Pain is up and down. When the anus spasms, it is just god awful - nothing helps. I am now 1 week, 1 day post surgery and not ready to work. I am a teacher for young kids. They would eat me alive. Pain while moving and fog brain from meds, lol.

Last night I had my second bowel movement. There was much more this time. It was still soft from my eating regime. Gotta love prunes and apple juice! However, there was much more and it was bigger. Sorry to be gross. The closest thing I can equate it to is giving birth. I used my Lamaze breathing and counted just like birth. It was really painful, but just like when the baby comes out it is better - same applies. There was more bleeding this time.

The problem was that I was so sore and stinging afterwards. Meds did not work. Advil did not work. A hot shower did not help. Xylocaine did not work. Ice pack did not work. Distraction did not work. Finally a sitz bath did work a bit. Sleep finally won over after the sitz.

The good news is that this morning, I feel better than I have since the surgery. YEAY! And I had another BM this morning and it wasn't bad. And afterward there wasn't pain. I am thinking that there will be good ones and bad ones, lol.

The overall swelling is going down and when I ice my backside, it looks almost normal. My husband says even at it's most swollen, it still looks better than before the surgery. So I suppose there is hope. :-) I think I am going to be glad I took care of this while still relatively young.


Thank you for all your responses. I am 2 days post op, and was getting worried that I hadn't had a BM yet. My husband has been getting on to me "that isn't healthy, you need to poop". DUH, but he didn't just have his anus ripped out of his body, so I am not too worried about his response!!! So, I am patiently waiting on the urge to go. I got it a little while ago, and did just what some of you did, sat in the sitz bath on the toiled to help relax the muscles. I passed a little of the packing and some blood, but no stool. They gave me valium to help relax the muscles, so I took one of them a little while ago and I am waiting for something to happen. Nothing yet. I have been taking the Percocet and stool softners, but think I am going to lay off on the percocet until I have at least one BM. I imagine (from what you all are telling me) I will definitely need one afterwards.


I had hemroid surgery in December of last year, I thought after the first month I would be ok but the last 3 months have been pure torture I had the staples and need to go back to the dr becasue i am still in so much pain and have about 3-5 bm a day and bleed very badly each time the pain is so bad i want to die i am afraid to go back to the same dr i do not want him to do more harm and also when i have the urge to go i better be less than 25 ft from the bathroom or i am in trouble there is no controlling things and i go thru the sweats and screams of pain then cold sweats. Anyone besides me have this problem? Im not sure what to do.


I am so relieved to read all these posts and know that I am no alone! I suffered with internal and protruding hems for years and years. Decided to buck up and do something about it, now wondering if it will all be worth it. The THD surgery is supposed to have a shorter recovery time but five days post-op, I feel about the same. Lots of baths, Advil every six to seven hours, can't make it 8 hours with the pain meds. Have added Arnica and Smooth Move tea to the Metamucil, stool softener cocktail already going on. Will be happy to get a full night's sleep and a poop without feeling like I am giving birth again. I'll try the ice pack, that is one I have not tried since day one, maybe might help more now.
Glad to have this forum, the distraction is nice.


I am a 42 yr old male and my hemorrhoids had the cauliflower look. They were really bad. I had the surgery done and after I could not urinate, so they gave me a catheter. The first 3 days were a living hell. I could not make a bowel movement and the stool softener seem to not be working, so the doc told me to take castor oil. It finally came and it was the most painful feeling i had ever had. TO say it was excruciating is sugar coating it. But I prepared myself for it. I advise for someone to have someone else close incase he or she needs assistance. Make sure to take the pain med before if possible. Have a worm bath ready or someone to prepare it for you, this relieves the pain even better than the pain med. It is going to hurt no way around it. At the time I regreted having the surgery, but I got my catheter out and I feel so much better. That was another problem in itself. It still hurts to have a bowel movement but I am trying to stay positive and tell myself it does not hurt as much as the first time.



I had my surgery on 5/14 and have been super backed up. I was taking 8 colace a day, fiber, water, fresh foods, etc. and nada. Tried milk of magnesia to no avail twice and took magnesium citrate by doctors orders at around 4:30 pm today. It's now 10 pm and I had my first signs of a bm. I wouldn't call it that because all I passed were these hard little brownish, purplish balls with a bit of blood on them. They also looked like the other posted put down, skin and stuff (not sure) and they were attached together by little stringy looking things. Best way I can describe it is like when my dog eats kleenax, the width of a spaghetti noodle. Anybody else have this?! Not really a lot of pain, but I'm hoping that the rest will be softer and be able to get out a little more.