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what is the recovery time for internal hemorrhoid surgery


Hello! It all depends upon how the hemorrhoid’s removed. Have you already have it done? If not, I will tell you a little bit about the procedure.
Before removing the hemorrhoid, you may decide if you want a local or general anesthesia. You will lie down in a position that exposes your rectum. A surgery may be performed with a knife, laser or cautery pencil. Incision will be made around the hemorrhoid and the veins will be tied to prevent bleeding and the hemorrhoid cut off. Your wound will be probably sewn but can be left open as well. They may out some gauze over it.
You will get all the necessary information about how to act after the operation. You may be given painkillers, stool softeners, advised on a diet and hot tubs to relieve the pain.
You will be able to drive within a week but full recovery won’t be until the 2nd or 3rd week. Some patients even take up to 2 months. Don’t lift anything heavy until you heal!


I had a hemorrhoidectomy 4 weeks ago, and I'm prbly about 60% recovered. But it was a bad, "cauliflower" case, according to the doctor. I didn't see any really noticeable improvement until 2 weeks after the surgery, and that meant that I could go a couple more hours w/o the heating pad. It has basically been a "2 steps forward, 1 step backward" type recovery. And the doctor said that I'm doing better than most! Now, at 4 wks, I still have to take ibuprofen every 4-5 hrs and my bowels are still not regulated. The latter has been the most frustrating problem, but I'm assuming that my body kind of has to relearn how to do that in a normal way...!


I understand the two steps forward and one step back. Are you happy that you had the surgery done? Do you now feel completely healed now that it has been a few more weeks?

I had a hemorrhoidectomy 4 weeks ago and I probably feel only about 50-60% recovered at this point too. It has also been hard for me as I have a 1 month old and two others to care for too and I'm not feeling so great myself.


I had my hemorrhoids removed 8 days ago and still have a lot of pain. Last night I had a lot of blood in the stool. I don't know what could be causing all the blood after 8 days.


I am still bleeding some with a BM at one month. I am going to see my surgeon today to see if that is normal. It has been a long road to recover from this surgery. What type of surgery did you have? I had a traditional hemorrhoidectomy to remove 3 internal hemorrhoids one of which was thrombosed. I have heard that recovery can take months for some people. Does anyone have a recommendation for an ointment to use on that area?


Holy cow this sucks! Minor surgery - 2 wk recovery my butt!!! It's been going on 6wks and I still have to jump in a tub full of hot water after every BM. Pain killers aren't touching a thing. I'm afraid to go anywhere, cuz if the softers kick in-when they do-I better be near that tub or I the pain will make me pass out. I am not kidding, there are times while I am on the toilet I am vomiting at the same time from the pain. I've been to the ER twice. I think my doctor thinks I'm crazy. My boss is very angry at me, and it's hard enough to talk about without having to explain the whole tub thing. I had the surgery on Thur and planned on returning the next Wed, well by Mon I knew that was not happening, so I called and said I'd be in the following Mon. I have since taken 2 days off and been in late twice because I had a BM and had to jump in the tub. Any way I seriously think I may loose my job over this!!! Please help with any advice!!


I just had surgery thursday eve. still in lots of pain. bad thing is ive been out of work for knee surgery and then this happened. makes it kinda hard to do knee therapy %-)


Hello All,
I had external thrombosed hemorrhoids removed 11 days ago,(thurs evening)..

I feel for those still suffering because I am in the same boat and know how you feel.I still have bleeding with bm. Thank goodness I live in the country, because when I do have one, I scream and holler the pain is so fierce. I can understand how one could throw up at the same time. I totally don't know how one could take care of their children in this kind of shape, my heart feels for you.Its hard enough to take care of yourself.

I also have to jump into a tub of hot water right after. Its the first initial relief I can get..Pain pills do help, yet they tend to constipate also. So I try only to take them once a day, after breakfast , just to get me through the major part of the day. Tylenol, Alieve don't even phase the pain.

At this point, I am a long way from total recovery. Driving is out of the question. Standing up or sittting is very limited..

...My surgeon told me it was a painful surgery, but no one can have any insight as to just how painful..I have had total hysteretomy, gallbladder, sinus surgery..NONE of them even compare.

Hoping recovery will come, the best to all. I will come back and check around to see how everyone is fairing .



I thank you for your posting. I had surgery 9 days ago Tuesday morning Oct.24th. My doctor said I could go to work the day after. I have been in bed every since.

The part about having to soak in a tub after a BM is so true. My skin is dry because applying moisturizer is out of he question I am in the water so much. Trying to bend over puts pressure in the area. I have only had very small BMs since the surgery. I am using Benefiber and sprinkle it on and in everything. The Surfak stool softener does not seem to help. I am bloated and everytime I go to urinate fear comes over me when the gas pressure builds up. I feel like I am being torn apart.

If I had known the real after effects I think I would have chosen another option. I did do the rubber banding but it was so painful because mine were so large that I was out of work for 3 weeks and had to go to the ER.

It itches so much. You can't scratch so I just shake until the feeling goes away. I still have the bloody discharge and have yet to wear any underwear or anything that touches my bottom. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate all insight.


Okay, now that things are better then last week, maybe I can help a little.

It's weird cuz Saturday was still very painfull, but not so much these last few days.

It's been 6 wks and I am finally not scared to death of BM. It stings, but I don't HAVE to get in the tub.

So, the good does get better.

As for what to do while your "waiting" for the relief to start, I suggest raisin brain, greens, and juice. Take a pain killer while your eating so that when it kicks in it may help with the pain. Keep the tub filled with hot water so you can jump in!!

Do not, no matter how much you want to - hold it in. This will just hurt your worse in the end. I know it hurts, believe me I know-but just say to yourself that you have to let it out, know that it will hurt, but the tub is waiting!!

Who the heck told you to go to work the next day?? I would suggest atleast 2 wks, and maybe a few days here and there afterwards, and maybe even a few ER visits.

I tried ice and heat, there was no rhyme or reason to why one worked sometime and the other at other times.

I soaked gauze in witch hazel...I suggest wiping with that.

I guess thats about it. Hopefully I have gotten over the worse, and I won't be on tomorrow in tears again..

I feel for you, but know that it does get better!


i had surgery done nearly three weeks ago ,, i have still not fully recovered , i had two hemorroids one was removed & one was tied & i was told that it will fall on its own in a week ,, & now its been three weeks, its still there. This surgery is taken so lightly by the surgeons , they tell the patients that the recovery time is few weeks, which is actually not the case...

i have noticed that benifiner doesnt work ,for all the people who are in recovery phase prune juice is the best solution , works better then any stool softner.


I am going to have this operation next week. Mine are external, not up inside. The doctor said I could go to work the next day. I planned to take the day after off. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice? I have sick leave built up that I can take.


I was browsing through this website trying to get some information on the hemmoroid sugery. I am having this done on the 21st of this month...I am so nervous, but I am tired of suffering with this. The Dr. did not lie about the recovery and I am prepared for the worst. I have cronic problems that started when I was a kid. I took 2 weeks off work ( I am a home daycare provider) so I will have plenty of time to rest. I am more scared reading the posts. o.O o.O Does anyone have some positive to say? is the surgery worth it?


well after my post of glory, i had two more days of hell...hurt from the time I went to the bathroom ..say 3pm until i fell a sleep at 5am....throbbing pain...but then I started really watching my food intake..

solid goes in...solid comes out.

so i stuck to the soups and juice..

as for if it's worth it, if they are that bad, i guess in the long run it will be, thank goodness you are taken 3 wks off, and don't be surprised if you need more, here and is a two step foreward, one step backward procedure.

seriously watch what you eat, and don't try to keep an eye on a bunch of kids when you will be one grumpy "b***h"...

I personnaly, would have to be in dire straights to do it again.

I have heard of 2 good experiences. One from one of my best friends who had it done right after child birth, so she already had 6 wks off, and one a girl at work who had it done with a hyterectomy and she had 6 wks off......there was one girl at work who warned me to death...she had it really bad.

other than those two i have not heard of any good recovery times, and the one lady at work pisses me off, cuz i'm sick of hearing of how hers went well, well good for her!!!!!

It sucks, plain i've read a few people post, thisis the worse, i myself have had csection, gallbladder, donated a kidney, and would not do this again unless i was bleading to death.

but, on the good side, it does get better, just a few set backs...i am going on 2 months this thursday, and today is a good day.

like I said fri and sat sucked, but i was out of pain pills too, which didn't help.

take softners or prune juice with the pain killers. Take the time off work, go to the ER is you must, and let the parent now you may need a day or two even after the two wks, cuz you never know when a BW will cause you to hate the world.

And watch what you eat...this made a BIG difference. tons of water, no spicey, fried, etc.

if they are that bad, go ahead, but know that this no "minor surgery"

the nurse at the surgeons office told me this was the worse surgery ever...3 MONTHS AFTER THE FACT!!

Hang in there...a remember..keep the bath full of hot water after a BM!! and let others cater to you!!

Best of luck to All of you! Keep us posted, it helped to hear from others.

Who knows, maybe your'll be one of the lucky ones.

oh, by the way...HAVE THIS DONE PASSED OUT!