Bangkok reports that the bird flu has taken another human life. A 48-year-old Thai man is the 67th person known to have been killed by a virus which is slowly creeping from Asia into Europe and possibly towards Africa.

In Indonesia, possible clusters of bird flu among members of the same family raised concern the virus had already mutated into a strain that can pass from human to human.
All the human deaths from avian flu have been reported in Asia but the deadly H5N1 strain was detected this month in birds in Russia, Turkey and Romania.

Fear among the people is constantly worsening and everybody is talking about the bird flu virus in the streets, homes and even public buses. The sale of eggs and poultry in several countries in Europe had significantly dropped. People behave as if they are already infected even though a human virus has not been detected.

The case in Greece is still being investigated and the tests will determine whether Greece had become the first EU country to be hit by the virus.
Migrating birds have carried the virus into Europe and European governments are trying to avert panic and reassure consumers. Africa fears it will be next.