That the bird flu scare is present and big shows us a recent event that occurred in a Swedish town Sundsvall on the east coast. A big panic emerged across the country and among authorities when a drunken seagull was found and brought to the laboratory.

Veterinarians examined the bird with extra care and precaution thinking that the bird flue may have found its way to Scandinavia.

When the seagull was brought in, it had a yellow fluid coming from its beak and anus. The gull was lying on its back and was kicking about itself. After thorough examination, veterinarians realized that the seagull was drunk and not infected with the bird flu virus. Their theory explains that the poor gull had eaten yeast at a nearby garbage dump and had gotten intoxicated.

Such reactions show us that we are truly not ready for the possible pandemic. Experts fear that if a mutation does occur there will be chaos across the globe. Countries are preparing to combat the disease but there is still no cure for the possible deadly disease. An anti-viral drug called Tamiflu is being stocked up. Hungary had announced that it had a vaccine for the current strain of the avian flu and countries are queuing up to buy the same.