Bird Flu is a disease of viral etiology that ranges from a mild or even asymptomatic infection to an acute, fatal disease. Many birds have been infected with the virus and even human cases have been detected. Scientists fear that the bird flu virus could mutate so that it will be able to spread from human to human and cause a pandemic in which many people could lose their lives.

Scientists in Singapore are on the way to finish the development of a kit that helps in identifying the H5N1 strain in just a matter of three hours. They have been given a green light by the World Health Organization (WHO).
One kit has been already launched in July by Veredus Laboratories and have been found to be highly specific to the deadly bird flu strain but also extremely sensitive.
Slight changes are needed on the kit, to ensure it works on the different strains of the H5N1 virus found in Europe.
However, the kit has already been used last month in Indonesia to detect human cases. They are able to detect minute amounts of the virus in infected humans and fowl.

100,000 kits a month can be produced by the Singapore facility and many kits have already been to countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.