Just when almost everybody forgot about the bird flue and the possible pandemic scientists were warning about, another person dies of bird flue in Egypt.

An Egyptian woman who clamed to have had no contact with poultry died just a few hours tests had revealed she had had the virus. She has been in the hospital since December 17 but her doctors did not suspect the bird flu virus due to her claim of not having any contact with poultry.

When it was found that she was a member of an extended family of 33 living in a single house in a village near Cairo whose two members had previously been diagnosed with the flu, the doctors immediately decided to run tests. However, it was too late.

Some time earlier, two of the siblings from the same house aged 15 and 26 had to slaughter a duck flock after a number of ducks had become sick and died. This is when they also tested positive for the bird flu virus.
The two siblings are in the Cairo hospital and feeling well for the time being while the whole family is under medical surveillance.

Poultry is a major source of protein in Egypt and poor families frequently breed chicken and ducks domestically to supplement their diet and income.
The death of the Egyptian woman adds the number of total human deaths from H5N1 in Egypt to eight, and the number of human cases to 18 since the virus outbreak in February.