Health experts in the USA are expecting to see the avian flu virus on the US shores within a couple of next months. It is expected that the wild fowl will come over the migratory pathways and that it will carry the virus. It is almost certain that the fowl will be infected with the deadly H5N1 strain that has killed over 95 people since it first outbreak in 2003.

American experts are saying that there is no reason for panic and that they are prepared and experienced for dealing with such outbreaks.
It is said that the US Department of Agriculture managed to contain similar outbreaks before and that they will certainly be able to prevent the future ones including avian flu outbreak.

The difference between US farms and farms in the other countries is that US farms keep all of their domestic fowls indoors and that domestic fowl is rarely mixing with the wild fowl.

They are warning the public not to panic because it is too early for that kind of reaction. If an outbreak occurs, the public will be educated how to act and behave in those situations.