Researchers developed a new vaccine that can protect people from H5N1 virus also known as bird flu virus. Bird flu virus is deadly and according to scientists this vaccine created a strong immune response in mice study and was able to protect them from dying. Research has also been tested on humans but it’s still in early phase and there are no strong evidences yet. However, researchers claim that stocks of vaccines are necessary in order to stop the spread of the virus.

H5N1 virus is able to consistently reinvent itself and to attack immune system in people. Experts developed a vaccine using a virus-like particle or VLP that’s easily identified by immune system as a real virus but it lacks genetic information to reproduce. This makes it a safer alternative for a human vaccine.

This study was conducted on mice where mice received one or two doses of vaccine. results showed that mice who received two vaccines developed protective antibodies against bird flu virus. Researchers also discovered that mice who received vaccine through the muscle developed more antibodies in the blood than mice who received it through nasal.

Experts who were involved in this research said that this vaccine is easy to develop, manufacture and that it could be generated in a period of ten weeks.