A non-governmental organization GRAIN has conducted a study to try to reveal the origins of bird flu virus and its spread. Their study shows that it was not the migratory birds who spread the disease but the global poultry trade involving poultry, eggs, meat, feathers, manure and animal feed.

It was found that the bird flu virus mutated into the deadly form within confined factory farms due to unsanitary and debilitating conditions, which was a very good ground for the virus. It is suspected that migrating swallows are not even the virus carriers and that the disease is being spread in the factory farms where thousands of chickens are raised.

Going through bird flu spread patterns, GRAIN reveals that besides meat, eggs and feed, poultry litter such as fecal matter and feathers are standard ingredients that are also being transported. Bird feces has been found to be a suitable carrier for the virus, which can leave in it for 35 days.

In factory farm in the Russian province Kurgan, where 460,000 birds were killed, it was found that poultry feed was one of the main sources of H5N1 outbreak.

The profits of chicken business are falling and industries are putting pressure on the governments to announce relieves for the poultry industry. If the governments succumb under these pressures, could we be facing pandemic sooner than expected?