Okay I am needing some help on this whole pregnancy thing. Me and my bf are trying to have our first child, and I have a 33 day cycle but my period is irregular and it says you will ovulate on the 19th and fertile the 18-20th. So we had sex those 3 nights. And my period is supposed to start on the 25th well it decided to come a day earlier which has never happened before. But it was really light on the 24th and on the 25th I had a really heavy flow, but on the 26th it was starting to lighten up and on the 27th it was still light and on the 28th it was pretty much gone. But on the 28th I was having stomach pains to where I feel like I am still bloated, along with back pains and some abdominal pains and my boobs still hurt every now and then and they feel heavy as well, and I am nauseas every now and then. I honestly hope that maybe we have conceived because they say that you can have a heavy implantation. Can somebody please help me.