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Hi ive been with my bf for 4years nw and have had unprotected sex the hole time and never got pregnant till december we broke up for a couple of months and i started seeing sumone else and sleept with him on febuary the 19th and 20th then sleept with my bf on the 24th and 25th of feb then sleept with the guy i was seeing on the 28th of last period was the 11th of feb and my due date is the 17th of midwife says i conceived on the 25 the the dates are so close.could u please tell me who the father could be?


Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Did you find out the sex or will you?

Did you talk to your current bf and ex about the fact that you are pregnant and that you don't know who the father is?  The problem with the dates are that they are too close together to be too sure that it is forsure your bf's (I'm sure that is who you are hoping it is?).  As eggs can survive 2 - 3 days and sperm up to 5 days in the cervix it makes either.  Which means that a DNA test will be the only way to verify the end result with a 100% confirmation after the baby is born, sorry it sucks and I'm also sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Hope this helps!  Enjoy your pregnancy it's a beautiful time