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I have only read one other novel by Toni Morrison, the Pulitzer winning Beloved . That is a high standard for any novel to be compared to, but as I started reading Love I forgot about anything else and was wrapped up in Morrison s prose. This is not the sort of novel I was able to read with anything distracting in the background. I had to turn off the radio and whatever tv was playing and focus on the book in the quiet, and with each successive chapter, I was enraptured by the book.

This is the story of many things, the most prominent being love. Rather than blandly stating that one character loves another, Morrison spends time developing the relationships between various characters and the different way their loves take shape. This is not all romantic love. We have the love between a husband and a wife, a father and a daughter, lust between teenagers, and various shadings of each. The central figure in this novel is Bill Cosey, a former hotel owner, now deceased. We are given perspectives from Heed, Vida, Christine, Junior, L, Celestial, May, Romen, and Sandler, and together, these characters create a beautiful novel. This is not so much a case of Morrison telling a single story than it is Morrison revealing characters and creating a little section of our world that feels real by the time she is done. Toni Morrison truly is one of the most powerful voices in American Fiction.


I've just added this one to my wish list (because of your review, that is).