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Which do you believe keeps you safer - your wounded self or your spiritual Guidance?

As small children we all created our wounded self to try to feel safe in an unsafe environment.  Our wounded self learned many different ways to try to feel safe. And these protections worked to a certain extent. For example, we might have learned to eat when we were scared, lonely, or heartbroken, and eating a lot or eating sweets may have protected us from feeling these feelings too intensely. Perhaps becoming a good boy or girl and caretaking others protected us from some anger or violence. We became very attached to our various forms of controlling our own feelings and attempting to control others and outcomes.

Now, our wounded self is still convinced that protecting and controlling is the best way to keep us safe. But does over-eating and being overweight really protect us, or it is causing us big health problems? Does giving ourselves up and caretaking others really protect us from others' anger, or are others now treating us with the same disrespect that we are treating ourselves?

Our wounded self does not want to get that what may have worked to a certain extent as a child, is now causing us a lot of pain. It is now our own wounded self that is making us feel very unsafe. Using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, anger, compliance, judgment, staying in our heads and closing our hearts are all ways of trying to control our own feelings and others, but they are all forms of self-abandonment that make us feel very unsafe.

So, how can we feel safe?

Paradoxically, when our intent is to love ourselves and others, we will be able to open to the constant information that is always coming from our Guidance regarding our highest good. Where the wounded self cannot possibly know in advance something like not getting on a particular plane, our Guidance does know and will communicate the information to us when we are open to it.

While the wounded self would love to have control over getting this information, it is the very choice to try to control that lowers our frequency and makes it impossible to access the information regarding our safety that is here for us.

We cannot be devoted to control and to love in the same moment. The moment we choose to love and to learn about what is in our highest good, our frequency goes high enough to access the information we need regarding our safety.

So which is really safer - trying to control people and things that we can't control or opening to loving ourselves? Which is safer - numbing our feelings with substance and process addictions, or staying open to our feelings - our inner guidance system that is one way Spirit communicates with us? What if your Guidance is trying to let you know that something is dangerous and you are too numbed out from food, drugs, alcohol, TV, or staying in your head to feel the feelings that would alert you to danger? What if your addictions are numbing you to the messages that Spirit is sending you through your feelings? Is this really a safe way to live?

Do you really want to go on listening to your programmed and ignorant wounded self regarding your safety? Do you really believe that your wounded self knows more about keeping you safe than your Guidance, who has access to all the information in the universe?

When you make the decision that loving yourself and sharing your love with others is your highest priority, and you learn to listen to Guidance and take loving action in your own behalf, you will discover that you feel far safer than with your wounded self in charge.

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