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Would you like better abs, a healthier spine, and more stamina? You might think you need an expensive personal trainer or at least a gym membership. You're wrong. The 'Ab Workouts for Men and Women' app is all you need to get started.

Do you think you're too fat and not fit enough? Millions are going to agree with you and let's face it — almost everyone who thinks they need to eat more healthily and exercise more is in fact right. I am one of those people, and I'll say that abdominal fat is fast becoming my nemesis. 


Why? Well, you know, life happened. Food was always my vice, but eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it never made me fat before. It could be age, or it could be that I am more sedentary now, or it could be that the foods I am choosing to eat now make me fat more quickly than the foods I chose to eat in earlier years. It could also be a combination of all of those things. 

Whatever is causing this expanding waste line, I'll admit that it bothers me. That's why I am really happy that my colleagues at SteadyHealth created an app that promises quick results together with personal trainers.

"Ab workouts for men and women" is an app that raises expectations. It's neither just a bunch of workout videos (which would also be great), or only a diet plan. It's both. And we all know that you can't look and feel your best by going on a diet or exercising alone — you need to address your whole body if you truly want results. 

When "ab workouts for men and women" was released, I got excited and decided to give it a try. Don't think that the fact that I work for SteadyHealth is going to make this review — or rather, just my experience, shared with you — biased. This is going to be brutally honest. The app promises quick results (in less than three weeks), but that doesn't mean it promises an easy fix. It's hard work, and the nutrition plan can be truly tough if you're a foodie like me. 

The Workouts

My name is Olivia, and I'm lazy as well as a foodaholic. It has been about three years since my last workout. I have two kids that keep me on my feet, and I walk pretty much everywhere despite my hip dysplasia. I also sit around a lot, working on the computer, reading books, or eating. For all these reasons, I chose to start with the app's "total beginners start here" workout plan. 

The first day was great. The second day — a rest day — was even better! By the third day, I could feel that my abs were sore. Something must be going on! On some days, I did more sets than the app recommended, while I totally skipped working out on other days. After a week, I noticed the first changes.

The abdominal flab was still there obviously, but I did feel more toned muscles emerging underneath. Untrained abs need just a little exercise to begin firming up. This is very motivating for beginning athletes.

I decided to stick with the "total beginners" workout for two weeks, and then to move on to the next stage, "beginners get better". Because of my hip problem, I had to alter some exercises. Anything that requires legs stuck up in the air and wide apart causes pain, which is probably a sign to stop and do something else instead. 

I played around with "Abs, Cardio and Rookies", "Kissable Abs" and "Respect Your Spine" as well. I did a lot of exercises, but didn't follow any plan religiously. Instead, I did more sets than recommended for some exercises, while skipping other exercises completely. The app promises the first results after three weeks. I saw mine earlier than that, but am beginning to see really radical improvements now I've been working out for seven weeks. 

I have more energy, actually less hip pain so far — which might be coincidental but I think it's related to the workouts — and am enjoying the exercises now. In fact, they are kind of addictive. Just like food. I will definitely continue working out, and this app will be a big part of that.

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