hi. i was taking cymbalta 30 mg and 300 welbutrin sr for two mos. cymbalta made me sick, gave me headaches so i stopped it. stopped welbutrin also. also have stopped smoking (which is why i was on welbutrin). everything was good for two weeks. now i am confused. agitated. went back to cymbalta and welbutrin today. have migraine and am sick to stomach. i also take 30 mg aciphex 2 x a day. and have weaned myself from 1 xanax in am, 1 in pm, 2 @ noc (1 mg) down to 1 in pm and 2 @ noc with 20 mg ambien.

i have major anxiety, am afraid to go outside, (someone might see me). make my husband go to stores, get gas for car etc. i went back on the welbutrin mainly because when i stopped it i went back to some bulumic behavior-purging.
any ideas?