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I decided to get off of the Cymbalta this week and I hate the withdrawals. I read through the suggestions prior to posting. I decided to take one every other day.

I really liked the post from the person who took the advice from the lady whose mother is a pharmacist - KateWeber posted on June 5th.

I did not realize that the withdrawal symptoms would last so long.

Thanks Kate for the post......


Dear anyone trying to get off Cymbalta,

I feel this med nearly destroyed me, I got to a point where I couldn't function.. I was also taking Topamax at the time.
(i was wrecked after taking the combination for 7/8 months, and have taken 4 months to taper and stop.)

I was a zombie; too much sleeping, couldn't talk properly, couldn't find words, very forgetful (memory screwed), sweating, couldn't exercise (no energy), vision problems, and the worst... I withdrew from society to the point where I stopped leaving the house except for work, bad paranoia (people following me)... etc

I begged my p-doc to get me off or find another combination.. he was concerned about suicide and said lets "up the Topamax dosage".. i never went back to him.

Found new p-doc.. better now.. off Topamax and Cymbalta.
Taking Lamotrigine (generic) and although it has its own "things" its much better. (Bipolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety etc)

My advice:
take at night.
>If you are currently taking 60, open the Cymbalta capsules and take out a few granules at a time.
I mean 10 granules a week till you get to half.
(its a real irritating thing dividing up the granules but its worth it. Just keep going, it gets easier I promise!)
>Then ask p-doc for prescription for 30's.
Again, take out a few granules (1 or 2 a day) till you get to almost none.
Then stop and if you feel withdrawals (dizzy, tingly, brain zaps).. then take 3/4 granules right there and then and less the next time.

Withdrawals were so bad for me, i took 3/4 months to taper and have now only been free of it for 2 weeks (still have tingling hands and aching muscles, and a few scary brain zaps/swishes).
So.. I went from 60 to nothing in 3/4 months! that is NOT quick.
and anyone who advises reducing the dosage faster is very wrong! the withdrawals are EXTREME!
If you are like me.. Don't go down by half, you will not be able to function.
SO... don't do big drops at a time (ie when I say take out 10 granules a week.. I mean like 1 or 2 less per day).. big jumps are not good.

Initially i tried to go from 60 to 40 in a week and i was a wreck; vertigo (really losing balance! and feeling like I was walking on a boat), aching, flu-like symptoms, vision problems, crazy brain zapping, and ITCHING feet!!! so bad i couldn't sleep, memory completely weird .. etc) there was MUCH MORE i am happy to forget. I don't know how I kept my job! That was another thing .. I was "punchy" I mean, argumentative,.. wanting to lash out.. hit something/one.. (bad).

Note: I take meds for Bipolar II, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, etc.
: I was (until I stopped completely) on C/T for 1 year (It seemed to help for 2/3 months but I was a zombie after 7/8 months).. perhaps if you have been on it for less you could speed up the tapering just a little..

I strongly advise anyone to get off this drug (or not start it).. its not worth it.
My best to all!


I have been on Cymbalta for 4.5 years and it is destroying my kidneys, thyroid and liver so I had to get off the meds fast. Thankfully my doctors had a great alternative that ISN'T prescription and worked. I take two different amino acids daily. I was taking 60mg of cymbalta daily. I broke up the dosages into 30mg am and 30mg pm. Then after one week I'd not take the am dose but took (2) 5-HTP tablets and 1 L-Tyrosine caps instead. I did this for a few weeks then quit taking the pm dose eventually. You can increase the amount of tablets to three of each daily. It took 3 months to get completely off cymbalta and I didn't have the side affects. I had tried getting off twice before but couldn't handle the withdrawls. This is amazing. I have take two of the L-tyrosine caps and (3) of the 5-HTP tablets daily and have no side affects.


Was just wondering if you buy these alternative meds OTC or if you get them as an Rx? Also, are they still working for you?


Hello, I would also like to know if this combination is still working for you. Any updates?