It has been thought that adult brain lacks the capacity to grow. However, new brain studies show quite the opposite. It was found recently that neurons tend to grow in the adult brain.

Scientists have been already trying to induce growth in the neurons focusing on making the long axis of the neuron to grow. However, the new approach focuses on the dendrites that help in the conduction of electrical stimulation inside the cell.

The research about the dendrites’ growth was conducted on mice using a technique called two photon imaging. Growth of neurons was followed in the surface layers of the visual cortex in mice. Weeks went by before the scientists managed to track any change in the length.

It was found that the dendrites grow forward or retract when they meet with the neighbouring cells. However, it seems that this growth is insignificant comparing to the growth of the neurons during the development of the fetus.

Nevertheless, scientists find the results more than important as they showed that the adults’ brain could grow. This finding represents a base on which new brain cells will be grown to replace those damaged by spinal cord injuries.