Some researches show that amphetamines damage brain cells when abused while other scientific reports are revealing promising areas for therapeutic use of Ecstasy.
The researchers certainly don't recommend ecstasy for people with Parkinson's as the tests were performed on mice. The scientists created mice through genetic engineering and drugs to be free of the brain chemical dopamine. Without dopamine the mice were left with a condition like Parkinson's disease.
The researches they did suggested that amphetamines, especially when used with the one approved treatment that slows the effects of Parkinson's, helped make dopamine in the genetically engineered mice. Parkinson's patients lose brain cells that create dopamine, a chemical vital for motor function.
Investigating possible medicinal uses of this widely abused drugs like Ecstasy, an amphetamine derivative, is a contentious area of research.
In the meantime , we are left to wait for the new results while the scientists hope that this news will not prompt all the Parkinsonians to go out to the streets to deal for Ecstasy.