Researchers found that stem cells can be related to growth and spread of some tumors in people. New study is trying to find correlation between these stem cells and possible cure for malignant cancers in the brain. Researchers believe that stem cells can be reason why some patients respond good to chemotherapy and some don’t. They are trying to identify and then classify these cells in order to find out how they react to certain medications. Scientist hope that by doing this they can have more success in future patients treatments.

During the study two drugs for cancer treatment were investigated. Tarceva is medication that’s used in lung and pancreatic cancer treatment and it works well in stopping and controlling growth and spread of cancer cells and Avastin is used for colorectal cancer treatment. This two drugs have been tested for inhibition of cancer cells growth and stopping the growth of blood vessels that feed the tumor. Results showed that in some patient’s cancer growth was stopped while in some cancer cells were resistant to these drugs. Scientists believe that drug resistance in these patients was because of stem cells and they are trying to find biomarkers that could separate stem cells from the ones that are inhibited by drug and create new drugs for cancer patients.

However, separating these cells is harder than choosing a treatment for every patient and this study will help doctors to determine treatment for patients and save them precious time.