Researchers believe that a protein related to Down syndrome can help in treatment for breast cancer. Previous studies proved that Down syndrome is caused when a person has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome and because of great progress of medicine people with Down syndrome live longer and healthier than before. Recent study however showed that people with Down syndrome have increased risk of developing some tumors. New researches showed that women with Down syndrome have up to 320 times more chance of developing breast cancer than other women. Experts believe this is happening because of the presence of one more tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 21.

This gene on 21st chromosome is called Single-minded 2 plays great role in Down syndrome by regulating growth of neuron in the developing brain. Scientist suspect that this gene can also be related to breast cancer which is after all a disease of uncontrolled growth. It seems that this SIM2 is lost or suppressed in most of the human breast tumors and if the gene is deleted it triggers rapid tumor growth in mice.

Researchers reported that this protein can be promising for breast cancer treatment but it also contributes to negative effects of Down syndrome. This study is in earl stages but it represents hope for new treatments of breast cancer.